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There are many reasons why you could consider opting for a career in the field of engineering. Engineers are known to be involved in a wide series of practical fields and their salaries are usually pretty appealing also. If you are seriously considering embracing such a career, Ukraine could prove to be an excellent choice.  


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The Department of "Design tools and machines" which is a crucial part of the National Technical University of Ukraine is currently training students via its three levels of education and two majors. During your first 4 yours of study here you will become part of a special program's degree and your studies will be mainly revolving around the thrilling field of Engineering Mechanics. All prospective students are going to have to present to the Admissions Office with three certificates. One certificate will prove your skills in terms of the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian literature, one test will focus on your mathematics capabilities, and the third test will concentrate on physics. Also, you should know that the profile subjects here are math and science. And that your certificate in Ukrainian language is going to have to contain at least 124 points to be considered valid and permit your admission. As for the math and physics certificates, you are going to have to score at least 150 points on one of them and 140 points on the other one.

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