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UFC Releases Code of Conduct Policy

The UFC is the biggest MMA organization in the world today. It is the NFL, NBA and MLB all rolled into one. What those three major sporting leagues had that the UFC didn’t was a code of conduct policy. With the organization now having over 400 fighters, the fighters are bound to get into trouble. They are human beings mind you.

The organization’s attorney Lawrence Epstein earlier this year released the code of conduct policy. The policy is in place so if fighters do things like commit serious crimes or make crude remarks, things of that nature, they are subject to discipline.

We wrote a piece yesterday regarding UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione making crude remarks against transgender fighter Fallon Fox on Monday. The UFC later on Monday suspended Mitrione’s contract due to those remarks. People hear news like this and wonder what is actually in the UFC’s Code of Conduct Policy.

The UFC released the policy last night to Yahoo Sports exactly what is in the policy, which you can see above. The Yahoo Sports report staes that the UFC policy was created with the help of Washington D.C law firm, Covington & Burling. The law firm also did a similar policy like the NFL and MLB.

Read the policy above and give us your thoughts. Will the policy make fighters more aware and not commit serious crimes, will it curtail things like PED usage? Only time will tell.

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