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Slammiversary Score Card + How Pay Per View Events Are Going to Be Recapped

Before I begin, I would first like to acknowledge that I did indeed intend – and fail – at trying to complete this post on Monday after the event had taken place. The beauties of a 12 hour work day without the ability to take my computer with me kept me from accomplishing this goal. However, rather than post nothing for a pay-per-view recap I figured that this delay would give me the perfect chance to introduce a new method of recapping pay-per-view events.

So, here is the plan. On the Friday or Saturday before the event of Sunday I will make my previews and predictions on who I think will the matches taking place and/or if anything interesting or of note will be going on. Later in the week after the event I will stack my predictions up against the actual results of the event and assigned an averaged score on my ability to predict pay-per-view events for the year. The ultimate goal is to look at the end of the year and find out how predictable the pay-per-view offerings have gotten and what that means for the creative direction of either company. This way the “results” posts aren’t merely a list of who won what match but instead a way of looking at the direction of the monthly (or quarterly in TNA’s case) pay-per-views.

To get us started, let’s look at how I did with this past Sunday’s Slammiversary event for TNA.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Bully Ray (c) def. Sting. I predicted Bully Ray and was correct in my prediction for a point.

TNA Television Championship: Abyss def. Devon (c). I’m not going to give myself a point on this one. I did predict an appearance by Abyss but I didn’t see him taking the title from Devon.

TNA Tag Team Championship Four-Way Elimination Match: Gunner and James Storm def. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (c), Bad Influence (Kazarian & Christopher Daniels), and Bobby Roode & Austin Aries. I’m going to give myself half a point on this one since I made this my secondary guess choice for the result.

TNA X Division Championship Ultimate X Match: Chris Sabin def. Kenny King (c) and Suicide. Again I was not even close on this one and assign myself no points.

Last Knockout Standing Match: Taryn Terrell def. Gail Kim. While I had a feeling about this one, I still assign myself no credit.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Jeff Hardy, Magnus, and Samoa Joe def. Aces & Eights (Wes Brisco, D.O.C. & Garrett Buschoff). No points as I was assuming this was going to be the other match the Aces & Eights ran away with on the card.

Singles Match: Kurt Angle def. A.J. Styles. The final match on my predictions did not go in my favor.

This leaves my percentage score for the pay-per-view at 16%. Hopefully this means that TNA is looking at trying something different with what were previously their very paint-by-numbers pay-per-view events. The next event up on the schedule is WWE Payback taking place one week from this SUnday, June 16. Check back then for full predictions and see how I am at guessing a WWE event.

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