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WWE Payback 2013 Results

cena_ryback_payback_mainHere are the results from Sunday night’s WWE Payback pay-per-view:

*  Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow on the kickoff match.   A very good math that went more than ten minutes.  Sandow got in a lot of offense but Sheamus connected with the Brogue Kick for the victory.

*  Curtis Axel defeated The Miz and Wade Barrett to become the new Intercontinental Champion.  Hot crowd and a really hot match to start off the pay-per-view.  The Miz had Wade Barrett in the figure four and it looks like he was close to tapping out but Axel dove in and covered Barrett for a very clever finish.

*  AJ Lee defeated Kaitlyn to become the new Divas Champion.  AJ ended up locking on the black widow and Kaitlyn eventually had to tap out.  Neither Dolph Ziggler or Big E Langston were at ringside during the match so a clean victory.  Afterwards, Kaitlyn was crying and having a breakdown, even on her way to the back with Layla coming out to console her.

*  Dean Ambrose retained the U.S. Title with a count out victory against Kane.  Ambrose connected on a DDT outside the ring and got back in the ring before the referee counted to ten but Kane could not.  A short match and there could easily be a rematch on Raw.

*  A video aired that Rob Van Dam is returning to WWE at the Money in the Bank PPV next month.

*  Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.  This was a hell of a match and told a great story.  Ziggler was heavily cheered by the Chicago audience as they told the story that he was returning form a concussion.  Del Rio kept going after his head and at one point, the doctor was looking at Ziggler outside the ring but Ziggler insisted that he continue.  He was immediately hit with a kick in the head by Del Rio and put back in the ring.  Ziggler fought hard and continued to kick out but Del Rio landed a few more big shots to the head and finally got the pin.

This was a double turn with Ziggler nearly in tears after losing the championship he so cherished while Del Rio was proud of his accomplishment.  Even AJ was stunned trying to support Ziggler and showed concern for his well being.  Later after the match, Del Rio came back out and asked the fans to cheer for him but he was heavily booed.

*  CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho is another great match.  This built slowly but to one hell of a climax with the crowd going nuts during this match, especially for the hometown Punk.  There was one big spot where Punk came off the top rope and got nailed with a Codebreaker.  In the end, he connected with the GTS twice and finally got the pin.

*  The Shield defeated Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles.  This was was a little shorter because of the time restraints on the show but still very good.  At one point, Bryan went for a tope but Roman Reigns was able to push Seth Rollins out of the way and Bryan hit Orton.  The end saw Orton go for an RKO but got pushed off and almost into Bryan.  Then, Orton sidestepped a spear from Reigns who connected with Bryan.  Orton hit Reigns with the RKO but then got shoved out of the ring by Rollins who finished off Bryan with a curb stomp.

*  John Cena defeated Ryback in a Three Stages of Hell match to remain WWE Champion.  There was a wild spot during the lumberjacks match where all of the lumberjacks where brawling outside the ring and Cena did a dive onto them off the top rope with everyone falling down.  Ryback ended up winning that fall after a Shellshock.  Cena was able to win the tables match even though Ryback controlled most of that.  After that fall, Ryback powerbombed Cena through the announcer’s table.  Then ended up fighting back to the ambulance and using it as a weapon including Ryback getting throw into the door and the door coming off and Ryback pulling off a fender and using it as a weapon.  They fought to the top of the ambulance where Cena landed the AA and put Ryback through the top of the ambulance for the win.


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