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Video: Brock Lesnar Returns, Attacks CM Punk

Brock Lesnar is back once again.  The beast returned last night on Raw and decided to pick on someone new, that being CM Punk.

Punk had just finished his match against Alberto Del Rio which he won by count out when Del Rio decided not to continue and as he was walking away, he was attacked by Dolph Ziggler.  Punk was announced as a the winner and the the music hit signaling that Lesnar was there.

He walked to the ring with a grin on his face and asked for a microphone.  But right before speak, he decided to let his action do the talking for him and he hoisted up Punk and delivered a shattering F5.

It had been rumored that Lesnar’s next feud would be with Punk and that is the case with a match between them likely to happen at Summerslam in August.

Here is the video of Lesnar’s return on Raw last night.

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  1. Steven of Jacksonville, Florida


    The decision to pit Punk vs. Lesnar was simple and predictable but exactly what we wanted. Sometimes the best decisions are the obvious ones.

    Steven of Jacksonville, Florida

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