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Announced for Next Week’s Raw: Wyatt Family Debut, Vickie Guerrero Job Evaluation

During WWE RAW last night, Bray Wyatt announced via Twitter that the Wyatt Family will be appearing on next week’s show.


After weeks of speculation, promo videos, and endless hype, he stated that “Next week it begins,” followed by the hashtag #FollowTheBuzzards. Then, after the Champion vs. Champion main event, WWE closed the show with one final Wyatt Family video – an empty rocking chair surrounded by an ensemble of creepy voices. It looks like the creative team is setting this group up for a hot debut.


-Also announced last night, Stephanie McMahon promised Vickie Guerrero some resolution to her recent run-ins with the McMahons. Next week, live on Raw, she’ll undergo a public job evaluation. Stephanie said that “anything can happen on Raw,” and hinted that Vickie might finally find herself with the official General Manager title – or, completely out of a job.

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