TNA News: Company Reportedly Behind on Paying Workers

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On the heels of the cuts made today in TNA Wrestling comes a report that the company is also behind on paying some of its workers.

Jason Powell of is reporting that TNA talent is behind in pay at least a month.  This is not just with mid or lower level talent as Powell has heard that one former TNA Champion has told co-workers that he is six weeks behind on payment.

This is not a problem with everyone on the roster and is affecting some of the talent.  However, this is not the first time that we have heard rumblings of this occurring with TNA.

However, talent is not alone with late payments as Between The Ropes had spoken with people within the company that this is also happening to several members of the behind the scenes staff with TNA as well.

While this has happened in the past, it paints a bit of a troubling picture within TNA while the cost-cutting measures taking place earlier in the day.


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  1. Steven of Jacksonville, Florida said:


    I hope the very best for Impact Wrestling. I do not look forward to reading the upcoming paperback titled “The Rise and Fall of TNA Wrestling”. Though I would like to blame Hulk Hogan and Eric Bichoff for this tragedy.

    Steven of Jacksonville, Florida

  2. Mike Kraski said:

    Name your sources. TNA HAS PAID IT’S TALENT AND STAFF. I can verify the names if you indeed have those names.

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