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Video: Wyatt Family Debut

Michael Cole kicked the show off last night announcing that a WWE.COM reporter had been sent earlier in the week to track down the Wyatt Family.  What followed was a series of three POV, horror-style videos.

Then, later in the night after Kane defeated Christian, one final video played, with Bray Wyatt claiming that “this isn’t the beginning, but the end.” Immediately after, Bray Wyatt and his ‘family’ entered via lantern-light, and the two brothers attacked Kane while Bray watched from ringside. They eventually used the steel stairs to knock the Big Red Machine out, as Bray Wyatt went into his signature praying kneel.

After weeks of hype, did the Wyatt Family debut live up to your expectations? Where do you think WWE Creative will take this trio next? Let us know on Facebook, or tweet us @BetweenTheRopes.

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