Brie Bella Apologizes For Wardrobe Malfunction On WWE Monday Night Raw


In what was supposed to be the start of a fantastic week for Brie Bella almost turned out to be fatal.

During last night’s segment of Miz TV on Monday Night Raw to showcase the new WWE reality show, “Total Divas”, which premieres Sunday on E!, Brie Bella’s nipple was exposed for a split second.

No mention was really made of it until it caught fire after the show had already ended.

Obviously embarrassed by the incident, Brie Bella posted an apology on Twitter this morning.

There has been no comment from WWE regarding the incident.

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One Comment;

  1. Steven of Jacksonville, Florida said:


    I like to look at the ladies as much as the next guy but I personally believe the over extravagant, super revealing wardrobe most of the divas wear is silly looking and malfunctions waiting to happen. That may be a baseless opinion, but it is my opinion none the less.

    Steven of Jacksonville, Florida