Brooke Hogan Released by TNA

b hogan

Multiple sources are reporting that TNA has released Brooke Hogan.  This is the latest in an ongoing series of cost-restructuring moves by the company.

Her release is surprising if only because her father, Hulk Hogan, is seen as such an asset to the company.  Dixie’s desire to keep Hulk happy made Brooke Hogan seem untouchable.  On the other hand, Brooke’s TV role in TNA had played itself out. She was the former head of the knockouts division, and most recently played Bully Ray’s (kayfabe) wife.

Hopefully TNA will use this as an opportunity to re-establish itself.   The multiple high-profile releases over the summer, most of which hit the active roster or road agents, left a black-eye on the face of the company. Cutting unnecessary “name-only” talent seems like the most logical next step.

Dixie Carter has yet to release an official statement.

brooke hogan


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    • Michael WisemanMichael A. Wiseman said:

      Ha, you’re funny.

      Did you happen to see Hardcore Justice? Wasn’t bad – I thought it was more enjoyable than Destination X. On the other hand, the main event finish was overbooked and illogical (typical TNA shenanigans). This company is always two steps forward, two steps backwards.