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WWE SummerSlam 2013 Rundown – LIVE

WWE Returns to Pay-Per-View with it’s second biggest show of the year, SummerSlam.  The card is loaded with two World Title fights, and “The Best vs. The Beast.”  Be sure to refresh this page throughout the night for LIVE ongoing results and analysis.

summerslamfull2013Our guest panel for the Kickoff Show tonight (and I assume the entire show) includes Josh Matthews, Booker T, Vickie Guerrero, and a homeless looking Shawn Michaels.  We’re being re-introduced to every important feud of the night through a series of great video vignettes.  Seriously, the WWE Production Team is pure money.

Also, the Pay-Per-View set is pretty unique, featuring an arching LED banner that spans the entire stage.

Paul Heyman just announced on the kickoff show that CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar will now take place under a no disqualification stipulation.

Kickoff Show Match: RVD vs Dean Ambrose for the US Championship

Both men locked up inside the ring, with Ambrose getting the upper-hand.  He gestured to himself and chanted “U-S-A.”  Amrbose put RVD back on the mat with a wristlock, but Van Dam fought out with the energy of the crowd.  My PS3 stream cut out, but when it returned, Ambrose was still in control with a neck=breaker.  Van Dam Finally fought back in, sending Amrbose into the corner with an Irish Whip, and nailing a cross-body from the top rope.  Just as Rob Van Dam was going for a Five-Star Frog Spalsh, The Shield’s music hit, and Rollins and Reigns entered from the crowd.  To quote JBL. “Here comes the cavalry.”  Mark Henry and Big Show came out to even up the score.

After the commercial break, Henry and Show were in RVD’s corner, and Rollins and Reigns were in the corner of Dean Ambrose.  Both men fought outside the ring. Van Dam set Ambrose up on the audience barricade, and nailed him with a spinning leg-drop from the ring apron.  Back in the ring, Rob Van Dam landed a front standing moonsault for a two-count.  Ambrose used a reversal into a ddt for a two-count of his own.  He went to the top rope, but missed with the seated senton.  Van Dam tried to capitalize, but outside distractions from Reigns gave Ambrose the advantage.  Just as Rob Van Dam scored with the Five-Star Frog Splash, Roman Reigns ran in the ring and hit RVD with a spear.  The ref called for the DQ as The Shield escaped through the crowd.

Winner via Disqualification: Rob Van Dam

Rating: Good – Okay, I hate the DQ finish.  Really, I do.  But I thought these two put together a solid TV-quality match, and I liked the equalizer factor from Mark Henry and Big Show.  I understand that WWE wants to keep the title on Ambrose without making RVD look weak.  What I don’t understand is why the company even booked this match in the first place – a 3 vs 3 match would’ve served the company’s purposes much better.  Of course, it could still make the card….

Firemen and WWE crew at ringside, setting up for the Kane vs. Bray Wyatt “Ring of Fire” match.  Should be a HOT (get it? ha) start to the main Pay-Per-View card.


The Miz, host of SummerSlam, came out to advertise for the main events. Just as he was finishing up, Fandango’s music hit.  Fandango did a short dance as the Pay-Per-View intro video began.  WWE created an amazing grindhouse-style into video to kick-off the Pay-Per-View show – if you missed it, be sure to check it out.

Fireworks, glitz and glam to started things out.  Jo-Jo (?) from ‘Total Divas’ came out to sing the National Anthem.

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt in a ‘Ring of Fire’ Match

Kane entered first.  Bray Wyatt came out with his family and Jerry Lawler put him over as having one of the most “unique styles” in the company.  Lights dimmed and flames increased. LEGGO!

Outside the ring, the Wyatt Family tried to get involved, but the flames spiked.  Inside, Bray Wyatt and Kane brawled around a little. Jerry Lawler described Wyatt as “Ducky Dynasty meets Charles Manson.”  Incredibly, terrifyingly, accurate.  Wyatt punished Kane while screaming something “unintelligible.” Kane countered with a big boot.  Bray Wyatt knocked Kane down with an elbow, and screamed outside for his family to help him.  The one brother grabbed a kendo stick, and accidentally lit it on fire.  The other one (sheep-face) tried to put out the ring fire with a fire extinguisher.  Unfortunately, the flames didn’t cease.

Inside the ring, Kane hit Bray Wyatt with about three chokeslams.  Just as Kane signaled for the tombstone pile-driver, the Family put an asbestos blanket over the flames and entered the ring.  They attacked Kane, and picked Bray Wyatt back up. Bray Wyatt hit his finisher on Kane, and scored the three-count.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Rating: Bad – I wasn’t a big fan of the stipulation when it was announced.  That being said, I thought it added a nice ambiance to the match, and made everything that happened feel really intense.  However, the finish here (with the Wyatt family interfering) just made Bray look weak.  He’s supposed to be this ominous, scary guy, but he BEGGED for help?  Weak character moments.

After the match, Bray Wyatt sat in his rocker as the Family dragged Kane over in front of him and sat Kane’s head down on the steel stairs.  They hit Kate in the head with the wedge from the top steel stairs.  The lights dimmed, and the Wyatt family carried Kane out.  The announce team questioned their motives.

Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes

Sandow came out and compared his team with Rhodes to classic literary pairings – Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Batman and Robin.  He said that there was always a weaker member of the team.  Tonight, he promised to send him back with his father – “Dumb and Dumber.”  Funny.  Rhodes entered next without a mustache, to which Michael Cole said we’d have to watch the JBL and Cole show to find out why it’s gone. No thanks!

Connections issues… sorry guys, on the phone with Sony…

Codes hit Sandow with a wicked-looking cross-rhodes, and got the three-count.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Rating: IDK – What little bit I saw of this match, it looked pretty solid.  Short but sweet.  I’m not convinced by the Sandow loss here, but really like Cody Rhodes being spotlighted in such a hot way.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship

Lillian Garcia did the introduction for Christian.  Just as she was about to introduce Del Rio, Del Rio stopped her and told her something.  She did his introduction in SPANISH, and it sounded pretty awesome.  Del Rio also had a gnarly-looking black eye.

Both men brawled inside the ring, outisde the ring.  Del Rio focused on Christian’s shoulder the entire time.  He pushed Christian into the outside turnbuckle.  Back inside the ring, he continued to focus on the shoulder, and the announce team reminded us it could prohibit Christian’s ability to execute the spear.

Del Rio missed an attack on Christian, and fell outside the ring.  Christian went sky-high and landed on Del Rio on the floor.  Both men eventually fought back inside the ring. Del Rio went for an attack from the top rope, but Christian blocked it with his legs. When Christian was on the top rope, Del Rio missed an enziguri.  Christian went for a killswitch, but del Rio reversed it into a backstabber.  He only earned the two-count.

Both men eventually fought to the top rope.  Christian attempted a sunset-flip, but Del Rio blocked it.  Christian got back on the top rope and nailed an amazing hurricanrana.  He went for a pin, but only got a two-count.  Christian went for the spear, but Del Rio planted a dropkick square on Christian’s face.  Christian barely kicked out at the count of two.  Nearfall after nearfall. By this point, Del Rio was looking pretty rough, complete with a bloody nose.  Out of nowhere, Christian hammered Del Rio with a spear.  Unfortunately, he favored his shoulder as a result, and couldn’t complete the pin.  Del Rio capitalized with a cross-armbreaker, and although Christian almost fought out, he eventually had to tap.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Del Rio was interviewed inside the ring.  He said it was a great night, because he is still the champion.  He also said he still represented the Latinos – that they needed somebody to look up to.  That is, Alberto Del Rio!

Rating: Good – No, make that GREAT.  This match was an amazing back-and-forth contest, where I legitimately thought both men had a chance to win.  While I was hoping for a Christian victory, I think he loses nothing from this match.  Also, Del Rio needed to re-establish himself as a fighting champion.  I’m not yet convinced by Del Rio’s championship run, but I’d love to see these guys match up again.

Natalya vs. Bri Bella

Bathroom Break! The Funkadactlys accompanied Natalya to ringside, and Nicki and Eve accompanied Bri.

The ladies started off with a back-and-forth slap fight.  Natalya was dropped off the ring apron with a little help from Nicki.  Back inside the ring, Bri maintained control with a few arm/head locks.  Natalya fought back, and scored with a stunner (announcers called it a “neck-breaker.”  Dummies).  Just as Natalya locked-in the sharpshooter, Bri reversed it, and sent Natalya head-first into the turnbuckle. Bri yelled for Natalya to “give-up,” and resorted back to her one move – that  arm/neck lock.  Natalya got the upper-hand again, and re-applied the sharpshooter.  Bri had no choice but to tap.

Winner: Natalya

Rating: Good – I’m not one to put over this ‘Total Divas’ storyline, or Bri Bella’s in-ring skills, but this match was just fine for what it needed to be.  As a promotional tool, it worked.  As a Natalya spotlight, it worked.  Good enough filler for me.

Video from earlier in the day showed Yoshi Tatsu scooping out soup. Well, that was my take-away. Ryback showed up and intimidated the caterer.  He complained about cold soup that was supposed to be cold, and poured soup down some random guy’s shirt.  Not content with his bullying, he poured a whole container of soup on the guy’s head.  “Feed me Moron.”  Funny.  Jerry Lawler said that Ryback is NOT an ambassador for the “Be a Star” bully program.

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar – “The Best vs. The Beast”

During Lesnar’s entrance, the announce team put over his previous MMA and WWE victories.  JBL thought the No DQ stipulation favored Lesnar.  When CM Punk entered, the crowd erupted.

Big fight feel in Los Angeles!  A much leaner-looking Lesnar took the early advantage with his strength.  He tossed CM Punk around like a rag doll.  In the corner, Lesnar stomped a mud hole in Punk, and yelled “This is my house!”  Yes it is, Brock…  Punk used his intelligent legs to fight back.  He hit a running high-knee on Lesnar to knock Lesnar outside the ring.  As Punk picked up the steel stairs to attack Lesnar, Lesnar knocked Punk down.

Punk showed signs of life by fighting back and attacking from the top rope.  When it seemed like Lesnar was down, Punk went after Paul Heyman.  Unfortunately, just as he reached Heyman, Lesnar attacked from behind.  Lesnar grabbed Punk and tossed him around like a blow-up doll, over the Spanish announce table and then over JBL, Cole, and Lawler.  Punk took a nasty hit to his knee in the process.

Lesnar finally took Punk back in the ring and locked him in a bear hug.  When Punk about fought out, Lesnar grabbed him and locked it in even tighter.  Punk finally used his educated feet to get back into it.  When Lesnar had him in a headlock, Punk bit Lesnar (yes, with his mouth) to get back into it.  He pushed Lesnar in the corner and hit him with the high knee as Michael Cole questioned if the momentum was shifting.  Lesnar caught Punk on his third running knee attempt, but Punk slid out and knocked Lesnar down with a roundhouse kick.  He nailed the flying elbow from the top rope.

Lesnar had Punk set-up for an F5, but Punk countered into a GTS.  However, just as Punk was coming down for the knee, Lesnar slipped out and switched it into a Kimora.  Punk fought his way out of the move, and switched it into a cross arm-breaker.  Lesnar tried a counter of his own, but Punk locked in a triangle submission.  Just as it looked like Lesnar might tap out, Lesnar picked Punk up and laid him flat with a power bomb.  He went for the pin attempt, but only got the two-count.

Lesnar put Punk down with about three  suplexes, but it still wasn’t enough to keep Punk down for the 3 count.  Lesnar looked frustrated.  He went outside the ring and grabbed a chair, and threw it at Punk as he went flying from the top rope.  Punk took the advantage and hit Lesnar with a few chair shots, but Lesnar grabbed the chair and prepared to hit Punk.  Punk slid in a low blow.  Lesnar went down to his knees as CM Punk carried the chair to the top rope.  He lept off and hit Lesnar in the face with the steel chair (somebody is getting fined tomorrow!).  It only gained him a two count.

Lesnar tried to get up, but Punk hit him with a chair.  Just as he was about to hit Lesnar again, Heyman grabbed the chair.  Lesnar got back up and threw Punk on his shoulders.  Punk was smart and grabbed Heyman’s tie so Lesnar couldn’t finish the move.  In all the commotion, Punk managed to lay Lesnar out with a GTS.  Just as the ref was bringing down his arm for the three-count, Paul Heyman broke up the count.  Punk chased Heyman around the ring, but Lesnar snatched him up for a GTS.  Punk reversed this into a a front DDT and locked in the Anaconda Vice.  Heyman interfered again, so Punk put him in the anaconda vice.  This gave Lesnar the chance to attack Punk from behind with the chair.  He then picked CM Punk up for the F5, and tossed him down directly on the chair.  This was enough to give him the three-count.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

After the match, CM Punk struggled to get back to his feet.  The fans chanted his name, and gave him a standing ovation.  LA loves Punk!

Rating: Fantastic – I’m not sure quite yet how I feel about the creative direction going forward.  I’m glad Lesnar got the win, for sure, and these two guys put on one heck of a brutal fight.  However, I’m not happy that Paul Heyman had to get SO involved.  Maybe I’m just being nit-picky, though… this was hugely entertaining, and delivered on the hype. Great stuff.

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs AJ and Big E Langston

Big E Langston and Dolph Ziggler started things off.  Both men brawled a little, and Ziggler nailed Big E with a drop-kick.  The divas were tagged in for a change of pace.  Kaitlyn and AJ mixed it up with a series of holds.  AJ got on Kaitlyns back and sunk in a modified sleeper hold.  However, Kaitlyn used the corner to break out.  Kaitlyn nailed AJ with a shoulder-tackle, and got some space to score the tag.  Ziggler and Big E immediately locked horns.  Ziggler hit his “10 quick elbow drop” move, but BIg E fought out and slammed Ziggler down.  He went for the pin attempt, but Kaitlyn broke it up.  Both divas fought outside the ring.  Big E took advantage in the ring and went for the Big Ending, but Ziggler slipped off his shoulder, bounced off the ropes, and scored with the Zig-Zag.  He got the 3-count as a result.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn

Rating: Good Enough – Listen, expectations for this match weren’t very high (raise your hand if you preferred a singles match between Ziggler and Big E).  However, I thought the pacing was just fine for a match this short, and everybody played their role just fine.  Nothing spectacular, but not bad either.

Alright kids, this should be interesting.  Cena vs. Bryan for the WWE Championship?  Triple H as the special guest referee?  Vince McMahon and Randy Orton in the shadows?  Who knows what they have in store, but I’m expecting something BIG…

Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship, with special guest referee Triple H

Triple H entered first to his “King of Kings” music.  My favorite.  Daniel Bryan came out next, and the audience “Yes!” chants looked almost like a wave.  John Cena came out to his customary boos.  This audience is beyond hot for Bryan – if Orton cashes in against him, they’ll boo Orton out of the state.  Michael Cole effectively sold the story of the match.

Things got off to a mat-based start.  Cena took Bryan down with a headlock, and Bryan countered with a hip toss.  They stared each other down as the audience chanted “You Can’t Wrestle!”  Cena looked around.  “Me?”  He locked hands with Bryan and held him down on the mat.  After Bryan got the upper hand, Cena left the ring and walked over to the ringside doctor.  According to the announce team, he told the doc that his elbow is fine.

Back inside the ring, Cena showed off with a side headlock.  However, Bryan got on top and attempted a spider-like submission move.  Both men struggled, and Bryan ended up on the ring apron.  Cena then sent Bryan flying , ribs first, into the announce table.  Bryan got up and reversed an Irish Whip into the stairs.  When he tried to pick Cena up, Cena suplexed him from the top of the steel stairs.  “You still suck!” chants broke out across the arena.  Cena went for a pinfall inside the ring, but only scored a two-count.

Cena picked Bryan up and scored with a sit-down powerbomb.  After Bryan kicked out of a pin attempt, Cena followed up with a chin-lock.  Bryan fed off the energy of the crowd.  He hit Cena with a series of kicks, and knocked Cena down with a running clothesline. Cena sat back up, but Bryan kicked him a few more times. Bryan missed with the roundhouse kick.  This gave Cena the opportunity to hit his shoulder-tackle, shoulder-tackle series of moves.  Just as he was about to hit the five-knuckle-shuffle, Bryan kicked him in the face.  Cena fought out of a submission attempt, and still hit his five-knuckle-shuffle.  However, when Cena went for an Attitude Adjustment, Bryan flipped over and landed on his feet.

Bryan took control of the match.  He scored a two-count, and then dismantled Cena with a series of kicks.  Cena developed a painful-looking shiner under his left eye.  Bryan continued to yell at Cena to “get up!” as he delivered the kicks.  Cena almost fought back in with a drop toe-hold, but Bryan capitalized by putting Cena in his own finisher.  Cena got back up, but Bryan just wrapped himself around Cena’s waist, and hit a series of German Suplexes.  He finished it off by putting Cena in the “Yes! Lock.”  Cena struggled out, but Bryan kept control, putting Cena in a guiltiness submission.  With the submission still locked in, John Cena struggled back to his feet, and rammed Bryan in the corner to break up the hold.

Both men were on their backs.  Bryan got to his feet and rushed at Cena, but Cena threw him up on his shoulders.  He scored with the Attitude Adjustment.  However, Bryan refused to give up, and kicked out after only a two-count.  They fought into the corner and struggled for control.  Bryan tossed Cena off the top rope.  He nailed the flying head-butt, but it was only good enough for a two-count.

Cena rolled outside the ring.  When Bryan attempted to jump out and hit him, Cena punched him square on the chin.  John Cena jumped to the top rope, and him with a leg drop from the top rope.  He went for the pin, but Bryan refused to stay down, kicking-out after two.  They went back into the corner.  Cena got on the top rope and Bryan followed suit. John Cena managed to maintain control, and carried Bryan back down to the ring.  He locked in the STF.  As Bryan wrestled out, Cena locked in a sleeper hold.  Bryan still reversed it into a Yes! Lock. After a brief struggle, Cena made it to the ropes, and Triple H broke up the submission.

Bryan landed a dropkick.  He went back and went for another, but Cena hit a vicious clothesline.  Both men struggled back to their feet, and exchanged a series of punches and kicks.  They bounced off the ropes and took each other out.  In the middle of the ring, the used each other to help stand back up.  They slapped back-and-forth as Triple H looked on.  When Cena had the advantage, he tossed Bryan on his shoulders, but Bryan reversed it into a DDT. Bryan went to the top rope.  He lept off for a cross-body, but Cena caught him.  Cena put him up on his shoulders for the AA and said, “this is over!”  Bryan reversed this into a small crade.  When he got back up, he lined up Cena, and hit him with a vicious-looking kick.  He covered Cena for the pin.  Triple H counted 1… 2… 3!

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan!

After the match, Bryan celebrated.  John Cena shook his hand as a sign of respect, and walked back to the locker room.  Triple H help up his hand.  Fireworks went off, confetti dropped from the ceiling, and Bryan went to the camera and thanked his parents.

Randy Orton’s music hit.  He walked down to the ring, and Bryan begged him to enter the ring.   The audience chanted “Yes!”  Orton turned around and acted like he was about to walk out… but he stopped.  He looked back at the ring.  Triple H suddenly flipped Bryan around and nailed him with a pedigree.  Orton ran in and handed the briefcase to Triple H, and Triple H called for the match to start.

Orton walked in the ring, covered Bryan, and scored the win.

Orton cashes in Money in the Bank on Daniel Bryan to become NEW WWE Champion

Randy Orton and Triple H celebrated to close the show…

Rating: Great – This match had a helluva card to follow-up, with Christian vs. Del Rio and “The Best vs. The Beast,” and it still managed to deliver on every single level.  Cena showed everybody that he deserves to be in the ring with the best talent in the world.  Bryan proved that he is undoubtedly a main-eventer.  The Staples Center was shocked by the Triple H turn (hey, you – read our site!), and both Orton and Trips delivered it in such a convincing fashion.  I loved the match.  I was convinced Bryan was walking out the champion.  I even expected a possible heel-turn for Triple H and Orton, and they still got me.  Bravo to everybody involved with this one.


Final Thoughts: I’m still not over the fact that Cena lost cleanly.  I mean, completely cleanly.  Who would’ve guessed?  This card delivered, and then some.  The build for SummerSlam was up, down, and everywhere in-between, but WWE pulled it together for the second-biggest show of the year.  Everybody brought their A-game tonight.  Best Pay-Per-View of 2013.

Thanks for following along throughout the show!  What are your final thoughts for the show?  Post ’em in the comments below, or let me know on Twitter @therealwiseman. Also, be sure to check back with us tomorrow as we post full thoughts and analysis on what happened tonight!

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