UFC Plans To Hit Europe Quite Often in 2014

The UFC hasn’t been a frequent visitor to Europe in the last few years, but that will be changing when the calendar turns to 2014. UFC’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Europe Garry Cook, speaking at EA Gamescom in Cologne, Germany on Tuesday, announced that the UFC will be hitting England, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, Turkey and Germany in 2014.

“You know, the UFC is the world’s fastest growing sport,” Cook stated. “We have athletes representing 37 countries. We broadcast our events in over 28 languages. And we’ve established major broadcast partnerships in 145 countries around the world.”

Their was a board behind Cook highlighting all those countries the UFC would be going to in 2014 including Scotland, but Cook didn’t mention Scotland during the conference.

The UFC has never held events in Turkey or Poland.

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