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WWE RAW Reaction and Review – August 26th, 2013

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Triple H and Randy Orton gloatThe Triple H and Randy Orton opening felt very old school. What I mean is that, the heels came out to put over their ongoing ‘victories,’ then the face came out and played to the crowd. Good dynamic between Triple H w/Randy Orton against Daniel Bryan. I’m not going to say Orton can’t carry a segment like this on his own… but his subdued promo style really does lend itself to having a mentor like Triple H. Great way to establish a story for the night.

Dolph Ziggler was painfully absent from TV last night (save for his appearance on stage at the end of the show). He main-evented last year’s TLC, captured his second World Heavyweight Championship back in April, and now creative can’t even be bothered to involve him in a storyline. Keep in mind this is at a time where WWE is already without two major stars. Shame.

Things stayed interesting in the mid-card for another night. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes have carried their feud well. I’m not sure the logic in burying Sandow at every turn, but I guess the idea is that a weakened Sandow cashing-in creates more excitement. I disagree. If Sandow were winning, people might actually care that he could be their World Heavyweight Champion. But at this point, if he cashes in anytime soon, it’ll just seem like a fluke. He’ll be the worst kind of champion.

On that note, The Miz and Fandango continued to dance around one another. Miz entertained with a very funny, spot-on impression of Fandango. I’m just struggling to care. Also, Titus O’Neil and Darren Young kept their mini-feud alive with The Real Americans, but without any real stakes, it seems a little frivolous. On the other hand, WWE is giving more attention to the tag-team division, so I ought to shut-up and just be thankful. Small victories, people.

Randy Orton vs. Christian started off a little slow, but delivered with a great third act. I love seeing in-ring veterans work. Same goes to Rob Van Dam and Alberto Del Rio. I’m glad WWE made Van Dam earn his shot, rather than giving us a gimmicky 20-man Battle Royal. These two should put together something fast and furious at Night of Champions.

AJ Lee cut a hell of a promo on the Divas division last night. It was exactly what it needed to be.

Likewise, Paul Heyman made us feel a little bit of sympathy. Sure, we hate him for destroying our hero, CM Punk. On the other hand, his personal involvement felt so real, so emotional, that I couldn’t help but give his character the benefit of the doubt. Heyman was must-see last night, and his moving, and ultimately violent, promo overshadowed everything else on the show last night. Incredible work.

Overall Show was fantastic. Sure, I like to nitpick things – that’s my job as a writer. I also think, however, that WWE needs to be praised when it does something right. The show gave us interesting matchups, great promos, and a well-paced three hours. I enjoyed the heck out RAW last night, and am excited to see what’s next.

What was your favorite thing about last night’s show?  Did you think AJ’s promo was effective?  Does a Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel vs. CM Punk match have you interested in ‘Night of Champions’?  Sound off in the comments  below!

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