WWE Video: Alberto Del Rio Denies Bar Fight Before Summerslam

A lot of chatter has circulated since we seen the black eyes on Alberto Del Rio at WWE Summerslam that he was involved in a bar fight with Drew McIntyre. Del Rio states that wasn’t the case.

Del Rio did an interview with Bootleg Kev on Power 98.3 in earlier this week to promote WWE Monday Night Raw. The interviewer brought up the black eyes that Del Rio was sporting at Summerslam. The world heavyweight champion had this to say regarding the topic:

“You know, we do shows, we do over 200 shows per year. We had a live event in Portland and you know it was just… things happen when you’re in wrestling. It was just an accident. But you know how it is, they always like to talk and they always like to make stories of their own. You know, it was just part of the business, it’s part of the game.”

It’s not shocking that Del Rio is taking that route considering that could be bad public relations for him and the WWE.

Do you believe what Del Rio is saying?

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