UFC Signs Top Ranked Women’s Fighter Jessica Eye

It was reported on Tuesday’s edition of “UFC Tonight” that top ranked 125 pounds women’s fighter Jessica Eye has signed a deal with the UFC fight at 135 pounds. Eye released a statement on twitter a short time later confirming the report.

Eye last competed under the Bellator MMA banner where she went 3-0 in the promotion. “Evil” last fought in June when she defeated Carina Damm for NAAFS promotion. Eye’s most notable win came in December when defeated former Bellator MMA 115 pound champion Zoila Gurgel by first round submission in 58 seconds.

Eye was released by Bellator MMA recently when the organization had decided that it wasn’t going to promote women’s fights at this current time.

It has been rumored that Eye will square off against Sarah Kaufman at UFC 166 on October 19, but the UFC hasn’t confirmed that matchup at this time.

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UFC Heavyweight Stefan Struve’s Fighting Career Put On Hold

The career of UFC heavyweight Stefan Struve is in jeopardy. A report on Tuesday’s, “UFC Tonight” stated that Struve has been diagnosed with a leaking aortic valve and an enlarged heart.

Struve’s management team sent a statement to MMAFighting.com explaining Struve’s situation, which includes Struve’s desire to return to the UFC and fight again:

Stefan Struve has recently been diagnosed with a leaking aortic valve and an enlarged heart and was hospitalized for a week to undergo testing to determine the best course of treatment. The doctors found that Stefan has a bicuspid aortic valve, wich means that his aortic valve only has two leaflets, instead of three.

The aortic valve regulates blood flow from the heart into the aorta, the major blood vessel that brings blood to the body. In combination with the enlarged heart it causes his heart to only pump 70 percent of the blood into the aorta and then the rest of his body, and the remaining 30 percent ends up back in the heart chamber. After consulting experts in both Holland and the United States, it was decided to treat the condition with medication for the next two months and asses the effectiveness of that treatment protocol. After those 2 months, the doctors will have an answer on what the best treatment options are.

At the direction of his doctors, Stefan has now been released from the hospital and has resumed light cardiovascular exercise. Stefan fully appreciates the significance of the condition he has been diagnosed with, however, he is optimistic about the eventual outcome and fully plans on living a long, healthy, active, happy life and eventually returning to competition in the octagon for his quest to become the UFC heavyweight champion.

Stefan loves the UFC and plans on being involved with company as a fighter and ambassador for years to come. Stefan wants to thank all the fans who have supported him thus far in his career as well as the UFC, Dana White, Lorenzo Fertita, Joe Silva, Dr. Jeff Davidson, the entire staff of the UFC, and his fellow fighters for affording him the opportunity to compete on the biggest stage of the sport of MMA, as well as a tremendous degree of support during this trying time. In particular Stefan wants to thank Dana White, Lorenzo Fertita and Joe Silva for immediately getting engaged with this issue and providing Stefan access to the best possible medical care. Stefan will be sharing his experiences as he deals with this medical condition in the hopes that he can serve as a role model by helping to create awareness and inspire others to fight through adversity.

Struve hasn’t fought since March when he lost to Mark Hunt. The tallest heavyweight in the UFC sent out a tweet thanking all the fans for the support.

We wish Struve the best of luck in his recovery and hope to see him inside the octagon once again. We will keep you updated if any new information arises.

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WWE Raw Reaction and Review – August 19th, 2013

For full coverage of last night’s show, be sure to check out the complete Raw Rundown.  Also, get the latest Between the Ropes podcast for thoughts from Brian and Steve!

stephaniemcmahondanielbryanStephanie McMahon and Daniel Bryan opened up last night’s show in a very interesting way. It wasn’t what I expected coming out of the Pay-Per-View, but I still really liked it. Putting the McMahon’s on a unified front only makes sense (and makes this story a lot less convoluted). Furthermore, her interactions with Bryan were very, very entertaining. Bryan slapping the microphone out of her hand? Perfect. When Stephanie called for security, I had flashbacks to the ‘Attitude-Era.’ Daniel Bryan really is becoming the internet age Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow delivered an okay follow-up match to their fight at SummerSlam. Otherwise, the actual “wrestling” element of the show was sub-par. We had TWO different 3-on-1 handicap matches, both involving The Shield, and both feeling like storyline-over-form segments. And apparently creative needed some filler because even 3MB made it on the card.

A lot of stuff happened in-between the major segments, and most of it just wasn’t newsworthy. WWE made sure to push its pop-culture stuff, with ‘Total Divas’ being spotlighted in a 5 minute match, and Darren Young picking up the win over The Real Americans. And what about that Footlocker advertisement? Amazing stuff. That’s what a TV-PG rating can do for you!

Paul Heyman and CM Punk delivered a stellar opening chapter for the next part of their feud. Heyman offered the fake olive branch, and Punk turned it down with a fiery vengeance. Axel as the muscle made sense. But I’m glad Punk wiped him out, and things are ready to move forward with somebody new. Heyman needs to recruit some fresh blood in his battle against Punk, and I just don’t think Axel is ready to carry the mantle yet against a bona fide main eventer like CM Punk. Plus, Punk’s rant against that fan in the front row who booed him (poor guy!) was pure money. CM Punk is old school in the best possible way.

The show closed with Randy Orton’s Championship Coronation. This basically just turned into Triple H trying to explain away his sudden heel turned. To be fair, Hunter sold it like a champ. I liked his “best for business” logic (even if did contradict everything he said the last few weeks), and putting Orton out there in front gave the whole group a lot of heat. I’m also glad Triple H touched on his feud with Orton from a few years back. I’m still not completely buying The Shield as McMahon family lackeys, but I guess in pro wrestling heels are bffs.

Overall show was very meh. The promos were solid – especially Punk/Heyman, Bryan/Stephanie, and Triple H. Otherwise, the show lacked the great energy of SummerSlam. Hopefully the product picks back up next week.

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WWE Raw TV Rating Up Post SummerSlam

Last week, Raw saw a slight uptick in ratings.  The trend continued this week.

For the night after SummerSlam, Raw averaged 4.3 million viewers.   [Read more...]

Scott Hall’s Progression With Diamond Dallas Page

Scott Hall has been living in Diamond Dallas Page’s Accountability Crib for the last six months. Hall had hip surgery five months ago and has shown incredible progress.

Hall has been sober from drugs and alcohol since that time and has even reconnected with his son Cody as the younger Hall breaks into the world of professional wrestling.

The video shown above details the progress Hall has made, including doing Page’s yoga program for the first time.

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UFC Plans To Hit Europe Quite Often in 2014

The UFC hasn’t been a frequent visitor to Europe in the last few years, but that will be changing when the calendar turns to 2014. UFC’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Europe Garry Cook, speaking at EA Gamescom in Cologne, Germany on Tuesday, announced that the UFC will be hitting England, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, Turkey and Germany in 2014.

“You know, the UFC is the world’s fastest growing sport,” Cook stated. “We have athletes representing 37 countries. We broadcast our events in over 28 languages. And we’ve established major broadcast partnerships in 145 countries around the world.”

Their was a board behind Cook highlighting all those countries the UFC would be going to in 2014 including Scotland, but Cook didn’t mention Scotland during the conference.

The UFC has never held events in Turkey or Poland.

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UFC Fight Night 29 Official For October in Brazil

It had been rumored that the UFC would be returning to Brazil in October and now the event is official. The UFC made official UFC Fight Night 29, which will take place on Wednesday, October 9 from the Jose Correa Arena in Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The five round main event of the show will be former Strikeforce middleweight champion former UFC welterweight title challenger Jake Shields squaring off against former UFC middleweight title challenger Demian Maia in a key welterweight bout.

Shields hasn’t competed inside the octagon since June when he defeated Tyron Woodley at UFC 161 by split decision. The former Strikeforce star is 2-0-1 in his last three fights.

Maia hasn’t fought since February he defeated Jon Fitch at UFC 156 by unanimous decision. The Brazilian has won three straight since dropping down to 170 pounds.

You will be to see the preliminary portion of the card on Facebook and You Tube, with the main card airing on Fox Sports 1.

Here is the card so far for UFC Fight Night 29 with more fights to be announced:

Demian Maia vs. Jake Shields
• Dong Hyun Kim vs. Erick Silva
• Rony Jason vs. Jeremy Stephens
• Matt Hamill vs. Thiago Silva
• Joey Beltran vs. Fabio Maldonado
• Raphael Assuncao vs. T.J. Dillashaw
• Rodrigo Damm vs. Hacran Dias
• Chris Cariaso vs. Iliarde Santos

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WWE’s “Total Divas” Viewership Down From Last Week

A big question heading into WWE’s reality show, “Total Divas” on Sunday, was how viewership would fare competing against Summerslam.

This week’s episode averaged 1.35 million viewers for the fourth episode compared to 1.67 million viewers from last week, but the episode from Sunday did better than the debut episode. Week two of the averaged 1.53 million viewers.

WWE has to be pleased with the rating considering it went up against one of the biggest PPV’s of the year.

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John Cena Announces He Has A Torn Triceps, Out 4-6 Months

It was announced on WWE Raw last night that former WWE champion John Cena will be out of 4-6 months due to a torn triceps. Cena said that the fluid built up into his elbow due to the triceps injury.

Cena had missed a few house in the last two weeks , but still wrestled against the advise of WWE doctors against Daniel Bryan at Summerslam on Sunday. Bryan defeated Cena in a great match that lasted about 25 minutes to win the WWE title, but then Randy Orton cashed in his MITB briefcase, with a pedigree by Triple H to win the WWE title from Bryan.

WWE doctor Michael Sampson talked to WWE.com regarding the injury to Cena.

“After SummerSlam, John agreed with us to have surgery this week with WWE’s Dr. James Andrews,” Sampson said. “He will begin physical therapy after that.”

We wish Cena the best of luck in his recovery.

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Between The Ropes Podcast: WWE Raw Recap – August 20, 2013

stephaniemcmahondanielbryanBrian and Steve recap WWE Raw from last night including the big storyline involving Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and the McMahons, CM Punk continuing his quest to get at Paul Heyman, having Bryan and Punk as the two top guys with John Cena out with an injury, The Shield’s new role, Sin Cara’s injury and the fallout from that and more.

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WWE Raw Rundown LIVE – 8/19/2013

Refresh this page throughout the show for LIVE ongoing coverage and analysis!

Less than 24 hours after an incredible SummerSlam event, tonight’s RAW looks like a loaded show.  We expect Triple H to explain his surprise turn, and fallout from “The Best vs. The Beast.”  And who knows, maybe Ryback will find somebody else to bully backstage? [Read more...]

Pay-Per-VIew scorecard: WWE SummerSlam


SummerSlam 2013 is in the books and, as has become tradition in these parts, it’s time to see how the predictions I made in the staff predications on Saturday stack up to the actual pay-per-view results.
On a side note, before I begin, I apologize to the other staff and readership here at Between the Ropes for my lack of involvement in our SummerSlam coverage, including getting this post up some 24 hours after the event. There is no excuse I can give that would justify that, and for that I apologize. I am doing my best to make sure that this will not happen in the future.
With that said, to the scoring
WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan originally beat John Cena for the title only for referee Triple H to cost Bryan the belt and allow Randy Orton to cash in Money in the Bank and win the title. Not only did I call Bryan winning against Cena, I called the Triple H swerve and Orton cash-in. For that I’m gonna be a bit of a glutton and award myself 2 points.
No Disqualification Match: Brock Lesnar def. CM Punk. The no DQ sit was added earlier in the night and definitely made that match that more interesting. It also aligned with my original pick and Brock came out with the win. 1 point.
World Heavyweight Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio [c] def. Christian. Like I said Del Rio will always be the heel champion that pulls out the win with the gold on the line. 1 point.
Mixed Tag Team Match: Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn def. Big E Langston and AJ Lee. I didn’t know where this match was going and my score reflects that. 0 points.
Natalya def. Brie Bella. I did not see that one coming as the Bellas seem to be the commodity in this match WWE has more invested in. 0 points.
Cody Rhodes def. Damien Sandow. Honestly this one could have gone either way, it was a flip of the coin, that I was unfortunately on the wrong end of. 0 points.
Rung of Fire Match: Bray Wyatt def. Kane, with a little help from the family. As we know that Kane is taking time off to film See No Evil 2, this was expected and thus properly predicted. 1 point.
Pre-Show Kickoff Match for the United States Championship: Rob Van Dam def. Dean Ambrose by DQ. I called Ambrose leaving with the title, but ultimately thought he would win as well. 0 points.
That leaves me with a SummerSlam score of 62.5%. Overall I think that that signals an interesting direction that WWE took for their second biggest pay-per-view event of the year. Stick with Between The Ropes as we bring you al of the SummerSlam fallout. I’ll be back with pay-per-view scorecard next month when WWE presents Night of Champions.

WWE SummerSlam 2013 Reaction and Review

Make sure to check out the SummerSlam 2013 Rundown for complete coverage of everything that happened on last night’s Pay-Per-View.  Also, listen to Brian and Steve discuss what they think on the latest Between the Ropes Podcast. [Read more...]

Between The Ropes Podcast – WWE Summerslam 2013 Recap

Brian and Steve recap WWE Summerslam 2o13 including Daniel Bryan beating John Cena for the WWE Championship only to lose it moments later to Randy Orton, where the storyline could be going now, the incredible Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk match, what other match on the show they really liked and more.  Plus, they talk about the WWE2K14 Symposium with Ric Flair and the fallout from that.

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Between The Ropes Podcast – UFC Fight Night 26 Recap

Brian and Steve recap UFC Fight Night 26 which was its debut on Fox Sports 1, Chael Sonnen getting the huge win against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Travis Browne with a big knockout win versus Alistair Overeem and the rest of the card along with the ratings for the show and more.

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WWE SummerSlam 2013 Rundown – LIVE

WWE Returns to Pay-Per-View with it’s second biggest show of the year, SummerSlam.  The card is loaded with two World Title fights, and “The Best vs. The Beast.”  Be sure to refresh this page throughout the night for LIVE ongoing results and analysis. [Read more...]

Video: WWE 2K14 30 Years of WrestleMania Symposium

WWE held a symposium celebrating the 30 years of WrestleMania theme on the latest WWE 2K14 video game with a panel of WWE superstars.  Jim Ross hosted the panel which included Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Steve Austin, Paul Heyman, Mick Foley and Ric Flair who joined in during the second half.

Once the Nature Boy hit the scene, any kind of format went out the down as he took over the show like only he can do.  Here is the video:

Watch live video from 2K on TwitchTV

WWE Summerslam 2013: Staff Predictions

summerslamfull2013Tonight, the WWE returns to pay-par-view Summerslam, its annual summer spectacular.  Here are the predictions for the show from the Between The Ropes staff members including Brian Fritz, Steve Muehlhausen Michael A. Wiseman and Marshall Bowen.
[Read more...]