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Report: Hulk Hogan’s Contract With TNA Expiring on October 1

A lot of rumors have circulated that Hulk Hogan could return to the WWE when his TNA contract expires. The question was though, no one was sure about when the contract actually expired.

ProWrestling.net is reporting that Hulk Hogan’s contract with TNA expires on October 1, which is exactly two weeks away. The website is also reporting that Hogan’s camp has declined comment on the contract status with TNA.

When Hogan’s contract was set to expire last year, TNA picked up the option on his contract.

TNA has been cutting costs recently getting rid of talent like Mickie James, Devon and Mr. Anderson. Hogan would come at a hefty price for TNA, so it will be interesting to see if the company and Hogan can agree to a new deal.

A reunion between Hogan and the WWE has been circulating due to Hogan having a prominent role in the WWE 2K14 video game, which comes out on October 29. During the Night of Champions on Sunday, the WWE ran a poll on who was the greatest WWE champion of all time was and Hogan was the winner.

Do you want Hulk Hogan to stay with TNA or do you want to see the biggest star in the history of wrestling return to the WWE?

We will keep updated on the status of Hulk Hogan and where he will end up.

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  1. Steve,

    I have no desire to see Hulk Hogan anywhere. With that said, he needs to do a short program in WWE where he can go away quietly. Unfortunately, I think Hulk Hogan wants to stay in the spotlight for a while to come.

    Steven of Jacksonville, Florida

  2. I’m a huge Hulkamaniac and despite what everybody talks about Hogan, I’m happy when I see him on TV. But to be honest, I think he should not re-sign with TNA. The company doesn’t need him anymore. I must admit that Hulk and Eric are not the TNA’s cancer, but the truth is – they can’t offer TNA nothing more. At least they tried, but their ideas (some better, some worse) didn’t help the company.

    The thing that Hogan really can offer is this whole nostalgia thing. When people come to the arenas to see him ripping the shirt off or punching some bad guys. In TNA it’s not needed. But in the WWE it could be really nice flashback for the fans. I think that many fans would be happy to hear “Real American” again and see Hulk time to time doing his thing in the ring. BTW, WrestleMania 30 is coming and what it would be without the man who made this event famous?

    So, without a shadow of a doubt, for me Hogan should return to WWE.

    Cheers from Poland,

  3. hello tna hulk should stay as manger because he can get done and he best manger for tna .com bigmikegill63@gmail.com

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