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UFC 165 Results: Jon Jones Defeats Alexander Gustafsson To Retain The UFC Light Heavyweight Title

The UFC hyped the Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson main event of UFC 165 as “Greatness Within Reach”, in regards to each man’s reach. Well it lived up to that hype as Jon Jones defeated Alexander Gustafsson by unanimous decision (48-47×2, 49-46) in a very close fight to retain the UFC light heavyweight championship. BetweenTheRopes.com had the fight scored the fight 48-47 for Gustafsson.

The opening round of the fight saw Gustafsson control the fight on the feet with Jones trying to the challenger down, but Gustafsson was able to secure a takedown on the champion in the final minute of the round. Jones gets up and in the final moments of the round, accidentally pokes Gustafsson in the eye. Referee John McCarthy warns both fighters to watch their fingers.

The second round starts with Jones throwing a leg kick and Gustafsson sweeps the leg of the champion. Jones tries again for a tajedown, but gets stuffed by the man from Sweden. The champion then starts connecting with his kicks including a spinning back kick. Gustafsson though was sticking to his game and using his range to land punches on Jones. In the final minuteof the round Gustafsson kicks the body and Jones does the same. Jones throws a stiff jab, with another high kick. Gustafsson with a right hand to end the round.

Third round began with Gustafsson throwing the jab. Jones kicks the leg, but Gustafsson peppers him with punches inside. Low kicks traded. Jones still chopping at the lead leg. Gustafsson does start to open up with the hands again Lands two straight punches. Jones holds the center of the octagon. He kicks the body. Gustafsson stunned a bit. He’s still strong, but the bodywork adding up. Gustafsson shoots in, but Jones stands him up. Gustafsson catches a low kick but misses the sweep. He comes back and kicks the body. Jones just misses a spinning elbow. Gustafsson tries to take him down to no avail. Jones lands a jab to end the round.

The fourth round opens with Jones throwing a left hand that connects and then a right hand lands for Jones. Gustafsson has a leg but can’t finish the takedown. Gustafsson connects with a right hand, but Jones comes right back with a jab. Gustafsson presses forward and lands his own. Left hand for Gustafsson. He kicks the body and lands a left, then a right. Those score well, and Jones’ left eye is bloodied up. Gustafsson starting to feel good lands a right hand. Jones trying to hold him away, but Gustafsson won’t have it. Another right scores. Jones can’t get the takedown. He does land a high kick. Short elbow for Jones. He misses a second one. Jones takes a look at the clock. He lands an elbow and several knees. Gustafsson in trouble. Jones giving chase. Elbows inside for Jones to end the round.

The fifth and final round starts and the crowd is on their feet to start the final round. Jones kicks the body. Jones pushes in, but Gustafsson peppers him with short punches inside. Jones with more elbows to the chin. Gustafsson drives in a leg but can’t get the takedown. Gustafsson goes to the body,and Jones answers right back. Jones drops low for a takedown, but Gustafsson stuffs the takedown, but Jones ends up getting the takedown. Gustafsson scoots to the fence and gets back up. High kick lands for Jones. Gustafsson stands right there. Gustafsson looks down and starting to run out of gas. Another high kick for Jones. Gustafsson defends a takedown and then Gustafsson scores with a spinning elbow. Gustafsson with a flurry inside. Jones hits a left hand. He looks up at the clock. Gustafsson wants a takedown but can’t get it. High kick from Jones with a short elbow, followed by a flying knee to end the round and the fight.

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