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Chael Sonnen Invites Wanderlei Silva To “UFC Tonight”

The feud between former Pride champion Wanderlei Silva and former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight title challenger Chael Sonnen has reached new levels of hate.

On Saturday at the Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, Silva came to the expo with a camera to confront Sonnen who was signing autographs for a sponsor. The video shows the two getting in an altercation with threats and swearing at each other.

Sonnen had a retort for Silva last night on the show he is a co-host of, “UFC Tonight”.

“I’m all for Wanderlei having a little fun,” Sonnen said on air.

“But Wanderlei, three things. First off, if you’re going to do a publicity stunt, do not bring your own camera. It looks staged, which it was. It insults your audience. Assume that they’re going to connect the dots. Show up somewhere where a camera is, and then go into your little routine.

“Secondly,” Sonnen continued. “In this country and in this industry, if you refuse to fight a guy, like you did me, you forfeit your right to then talk about that person in this type of fashion. Accosting somebody in public, can be regrettable. Accosting a gangster can be hazardous.”

“The Gangster From West Lynn” extended an unusual invitation to “The Axe Murderer”.

“Third and finally, Wanderlei, if you would like to come on this very set and conduct a conventional and traditional style interview, we here at ‘UFC Tonight’ will pay your way.”

Will Silva accept the invitation from Sonnen? Only time will tell.

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