Hulk Hogan Says Triple H Told Him, “If Ever I Decide I Get The Itch To Come Back Home,” The Door’s Open.”


Will Hulk Hogan be coming back to the WWE to end his legendary career? According to Hogan, he has already a discussion with a top executive.

In an interview with the AP discussing an appearance for the New York Comic-Con, Hogan stated that he had a recent discussion with Triple H at a charity event.

“He just welcomed me with open arms. He said if ever I decide I get the itch to come back home,” the door’s open, Hogan said.

Hogan’s contract with TNA expired at the beginning of October. With Hogan having a prominent role in WWE 2K14 video game coming out on October 29 and the cover of the Madison Square Garden DVD, rumors have run rampant of a WWE return.

“My mind has been going crazy the last couple of weeks trying to figure out the best thing to do will be (regarding a WWE return),” he said.

Does this mean Hogan will be making his return to the WWE?

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