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Ryback Is Not a Fan of Negative People Who Run the Internet

ryback interviewIt was another busy weekend for the WWE crew as they went overseas including a pair of shows in Abu Dhabi.  Anywhere that the WWE goes, there are always interviews done, especially when they are out of the country and international media rarely get a chance to speak with any WWE superstars.

This time, it was Ryback doing a short interview while in Abu Dhabi to promote the shows and he was asked several generic questions.  But he decided to use that interview to share his thoughts on some people who must not be big Ryback fans.

When asked about WrestleMania 30 next year and who his dream match would be, Ryback answered,  “Yeah I think a lot of people put a little too much credit into the Internet.  It’s run by a lot of negative people who should not have an opinion according to me because a lot of them just have no clue how to live life.  But if I could pick just one opponent for WrestleMania 30 it would be The Undertaker because I want to be the guy who ends the streak.  I like getting people pissed off and mad.  And for every person that says I don’t deserve that or I can’t do that, I will prove you wrong time and time again because all of you suck.”

He’s certainly entitled to his own opinion.  But it’s obvious that Ryback is not too fond of some of the negative comments about his over the past few months.  He’s always had a big opinion of himself and wants to blow John Cena out of the water.  There’s a reason why WWE superstars, professional athletes and even actors and other that have made in life get to where they are.  It’s not just talent, it’s ego.

They believe in themselves.  They believe their stuff doesn’t stink.  And anyone that doubts them, watch this.  They like having that chip on their shoulder.  It’s what drives them.

But as fans or even a member of the media, it’s also my prerogative to give my critique.  And I just don’t see it Ryback other than him being a massive hulking person with a solid catch phrase: Feed Me More.

Well, I want more.  I want to see more out of Ryback when it comes to what he can do both in and out of the ring.  I want him to be a better wrestler working a big man style.  I want to see him do more when giving the opportunity to talk.  Yes, I know it’s scripted but he doesn’t look comfortable.  At all.

In the same interview, Ryback was asked about who were his idols growing up.  He ran off a list of guys including The British Bulldog and Shawn Michaels.  He also said he was just a huge fan of the WWE and appreciated all of them.

“I can’t tell you there was a guy looking back I was like ‘oh I hate that guy’.  That’s another thing that blows me away about our fans today that can go on these media outlets and social media outlets and complain about things.  I loved everybody.”

I agree that sometimes wrestling fans go overboard in criticism of the product.  Even I am guilty of that from time to time.  But if there is something I don’t like, I’m going to complain because I want to see a better product.  I want to see better characters.  And so do other passionate wrestling fans.

That passion is what has made the WWE a global phenomenon.  When you do something good, fans love it.  But where there is something we don’t like or you could be doing better, that should be voiced as well.

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