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Randy Orton Defeats Daniel Bryan To Regain The WWE Championship

The fans around the world thought Hell In A Cell would be the pay-per-view that Daniel Bryan would win the WWE championship. Unfortunately for the WWE Universe, it wasn’t meant to be.

Randy Orton defeated Daniel Bryan inside the Hell In A Cell to regain the WWE title after special guest referee Shawn Michaels supekicked Bryan. Then Orton pinned Bryan for the fall.

Bryan and Orton were having a pretty good match and the ending started to unfold. Orton gave Bryan a superplex onto a stack of chairs, which even made Michaels cringe. Orton covered Bryan and only got a two count from Michaels. Orton was upset at Michaels as he felt that should have been three count.

This led to WWE COO Triple H to come to a chorus of boos. Triple H told Michaels that he needed to do his job and count to three. Michaels told HHH that he was doing his job and let him do it. Orton then came outside the ring and screamed at Michaels that he has been giving him a slow count all night.

Hunter asked Michaels, “Are you going to do this or not?”

Michaels told HHH to let him handle it. Orton and Michaels get back into the ring and a moment later, Orton attempted an RKO and Bryan pushed Orton into Michaels who was lying on the mat.

Triple H then brought the WWE trainer with him and had a referee unlock the cage door to attend to Michaels. Bryan then hit the flying knee on Orton, but Michaels was still out. Bryan was telling Michaels to get up and make the count.

HHH approached Bryan and shoved him out of the way, so he could attend to Michaels. Bryan then Triple H with the flying knee, with Bryan leading a “YES” chant. Michaels then hit Sweet Chin Music on Bryan and then Orton pinned Bryan to regain the title.

The event ended with Michaels leaving the cage with no reaction. Bryan was helped out of the ring by two referees and the WWE trainer. Orton got Triple H to his feet and they smiled at Orton winning the title.

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  1. I’m pissed I loved the match between Cena & Sandow but Sandow should have won!! How are you to know if Sandow has the goods if you dont give him a chance!! Money of the Bank means nothing!!!

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