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Latest WTF Moment in TNA Wrestling as Returning Former Champ Revealed

There have been many moments in TNA Wrestling history that have left many people befuddled and confused over the years.  Choose between booking decisions, strange gimmick matches and especially on big promises coming up flat.

Here is an example of the latter of those choices.

On Tuesday, TNA President Dixie Cater shot a video saying that a former world title holder was returning “home” to Impact Wrestling this Thursday night in Cincinnati.

All of us fool hearted suckers on the Internet fell for it hook, line and sinker.  Mission accomplished TNA.  People online were speculating who it could be.  Ken Shamrock?  Maybe Raven?  How about Ric Flair?  Hulk Hogan”  Did he re-sign?

Even Steve and I discussed it on our Tuesday podcast wondering who exactly TNA was bringing back fold.  Some big name that would bring viewers to Impact Wrestling even for one night.

Dixie later tweeting that if a tweet of hers got 150 retweets she would reveal this mystery person that was making the big return.  That was no problem as she got the 150 retweets.  As promised, she gave up the name of the former champ coming home in the video below.  Pay close attention to the look to the reaction from both Jeremy Borash and Dave Lagana.

Yep, that’s right – the big reveal is former TNA tag-team champion and current Cincinnati Bengals player Adam “Pacman” Jones!  Whoop-ed-e-do!

Of course it was.  We all should have known better.  And Dixie is just being that crooked woman running the people that people love to hate.  She’s a heel folks!  And she got us.

Borash and Lagana weren’t the only ones to have a confused look when they found out it was Pacman “make in rain all up in here” Jones as the mystery man.  Here is the reaction from others once they saw the big reveal.




















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fresh prince









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And this sums it up.

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