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The Flapship: Big Show and Triple H on Raw, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and TNA Wrestling Fooling Fans

Brian, Michael and Steve look back at Raw from Monday night including the feud between Triple H and The Big Show and a mini dressed as a bull trying to hump a woman on live TV(!), Rey Mysterio’s return,WWE reverting back to big guys on the top, TNA Wrestling’s latest ruse to fans, if the company is for sale or not and much more.

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About Brian Fritz

Brian Fritz
Brian is the owner and editor-in-chief of Between The Ropes. He has also covered wrestling and MMA for The Orlando Sentinel and AOL Fanhouse and currently is a contributor for Sporting News. You can email Brian at btrfritz@gmail.com.

One comment

  1. Steven of Jacksonville, Florida

    Brian, Steve & Michael,

    The business of professional wrestling is unlike any other. WWE reportedly is punishing Dolph Ziggler by not using him in any significant storylines. What other business will hire someone and keep them employed just to not use them as a form of punishment? How does WWE explain this to their investors?

    They held Ziggler back because of the way he speaks to officials is what ive heard, they chose to hold Jack Swagger back because of the way he acted backstage and they chose to hold CM Punk back because of his choice of attire. Supposedly Vince McMahon held Kofi back because Vince didn’t like his pants? These are rumors but there is truth to them and these kind of silly decisions should embarrass real business people. Its like Ive heard you on the air, WWE wants to be treated like a legitimate, credible company but it doesn’t want to grow up itself.

    One day a real business man who is serious about building and eventually expanding a professional wrestling promotion will give the WWE a run for its money.

    Seriously How is holding back Dolph Ziggler best for business? The mans $


    Steven of Jacksonville, Florida

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