Kane Says “There’s A Monster That’s Deep Inside All Of Us”

The new WWE Director of Operations Kane replaced Triple H this week in talking to Michael Cole for the weekly chat Cole conducts with the WWE COO.

Cole asked Kane where did the monster go and is the suit and tie a fa├žade. Kane at first yelled and was stern at Cole. Then the former WWE and World heavyweight composed himself and gave a dignified answer.

“There’s a monster that’s deep inside all of us,” Kane stated. The difference is for 17 years, I chose to allow mine to run amuck, to promote chaos. But make no mistake, I was always in control unlike you (Michael Cole) and everyone else. I accept the beastial side of my nature, indeed I relish in it. It is simply one facet of my personality, a tool if you will, but no the only tool at my disposal. So when the opportunity arises, the monster will be utilized.”

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