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UFC 167 Results: Ali Baugtinov Defeats Tim Elliot By Unanimous Decision


The opening fight of the main card between Tim Elliot and Ali Baugtinov could determine who was the number one contender to the UFC flyweight title.

The fight starts off with both circling each other to start the fight with Baugtinov hitting an uppercut. Both guys went for a clinch and pushed each other off. Baugtinov went for a takedown, but was unsuccessful and then landed an uppercut. Baugtinov landed an uppercut and then a knee to buckle Elliot for a moment. Baugtinov lands a short combination.

Baugtinov scores a takedown, but Elliot gets right back up. Both guys circling the cage and trading shots and Baugtinov was unsuccessful with a takedown. Baugtinov throws a knee and takes down Elliot to end the round.

BetweenTheRopes.com scores Round 1 for Baugtinov 10-9.

Round 2

The second round starts like the first with both guys circling each other.  Elliot gets a guillotine and sinks in, but Bagtinov gets out of it and slams Elliot.  Elliot then reverses and lands ground and pound on Baugtinov. Baugtinov sweeps and gets back up to his feet and both guys circling the cage. Elliot peppers a jab and Baugtinov misses with an overhand right. Both guys trading shots. Elliot goes for goes for a takedown, but gets stuffed and Baugtinov sweeps Elliot, but both guys get back up. Both guys circle the cage to end the round.

BetweenTheRopes.com scores Round 2 for Baugtinov 10-9.

Round 3

Elliot goes for a knee and then lands in insde leg kick. Baugtinov lands an uppercut and misses an uppercut. Baugtinov lands a hook combination. Elliot lands a couple shots, but Baugtinov lands an uppercut and lands a jab. Baugtinov just misses an uppercut and then lands an uppercut/hook combination. Elliot lands a right hook, but Baugtinov comes back with a right hand. Elliot lands a jab and then an uppercut.

Both guys trading hooks. Baugtinov then lands left hook/right hook combination and then Elliot ends the round then a slam to end the round.

BetweenTheRopes.com scores Round 3 for Baugtinov and the fight 30-27.

The judges score the fight for Ali Baugtinov defeating Tim Elliot by unanimous decision (29-28×3).

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