UFC 167 Results: Robbie Lawler Defeats Rory MacDonald By Entertaining Split Decision



The fight between Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald was predicted by many to be fight of the night and it sure delivered.

The fight starts off with Lawler throwing a kick and a straight left hand and an outside leg kick. Another outside leg kick by Lawler’ s body then a straight right hand. Both guys trying to gauge distance. A high kick by MacDonald. each guy attempts leg kicks that are blocked. Lawler lands a body kick and MacDonald lands a straight right hand.

MacDonald lands a jab and a moment later a kick to the body kick. Each guy circling each other with no action. MacDonald a jab and then Lawler lands a high kick to end the round.

BetweenTheRopes.com scores Round 1 for Lawlor.

Round 2

Lawler  tries to start the round with a takedown stuffed by MacDonald who then lands a high kick. MacDonald misses a job and then each block kicks. MacDonald lands a high kick and Lawler lands a jab. Lawler then lands a hook and a kick. MacDonald lands a nice body shot.

Lawler lands another outside leg kick with MacDonald landing a combination. MacDonald starting to land a jab and a moment later scores a takedown. MacDonald grinds Lawler against the cage and lets Lawler up, who attempts a takedown. MacDonald tries to circle MacDonald, but ends up on top of Lawler. MacDonald then lands a series of vicious elbows to end the round.

BetweenTheRopes.com scores Round 2 for MacDonald.

Round 3

Lawler starts the round with an uppercut that rocked MacDonald, but as Lawler throws a knee and MacDonald takes him down. Referee Mario Yamasaki stands them up after a few moments of inactivity. Lawler lands some vicious shots that rocked MacDonald with Lawler trying to capitalize, but both guys end up on their feet.

MacDonald tries for a takedown but is stuffed. Lawler lands an overhand right hand that drops MacDonald and lands some ground and pound. Lawler has Macdonald in side control landing vicious elbows and ground and pound. Lawler ends up ontop of MacDonald who attempted a triangle choke and both guys end up on their feet. MacDonald scores a takedown and lands some vicious elbows to end the round.

BetweenTheRopes.com scores Round 3 and the fight to Lawler.

The judges score have the fight for Robbie Lawler defeating Rory MacDonald by split decision (28-29, 29-28×2).

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