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WWE Survivor Series 2013 Poll: How Would You Grade The Twenty-Seventh Edition Of The Show?

Triple H

WWE Survivor Series took place last night from the TD Garden Arena in Boston, Massachusetts. In the main event, Randy Orton retained the WWE championship over Big Show. In the co-feature, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan defeated Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. Also, John Cena beat Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

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  1. I recall probably every bad in your house event as 8x better than this ppv or the last few wwe offerings. Because at least back then they WRESTLED. And the only good thing about Series 13 was we got about 30 seconds of the HITMAN. Its a shame the current product for whatever reason doesn’t allow stories to be told in the ring as Bret did. With a level of believability and realism. Wrestling use to be presented as sport. There’s a reason the 9 million of 12 million who use to watch 90s wrestling left for UFC. Present it again as sport, or at least a little believeable. Stop insulting our intelligence. I’ve watched for 27 years and have been in the ring and even I cannot sit thru a raw these days. I tried watching sseries. Why can we not get back to WRESTLING. Make fueds personal, make it unpredictable. Some semblence of an athletic contest where the guys are TRYING to beat each other. The first year or so of RAW use to be an hour show with main events of about 30 minutes of wrestling. Now we have three hours of campy nothingness with 4 minute matches that mean nothing. Why?

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