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Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

WWE Survivor Series: Randy Orton Defeats Big Show To Retain The WWE Championship

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

In one of the least anticipated WWE pay-per-view main events in a long time, Randy Orton defeated Big Show in the main event of Survivor Series tonight. The match started out slow as the fans were chanting “boring”, “Daniel Bryan”, “CM Punk” and “TNA”. The action started to pick up a bit when Orton had Show on the turnbuckle for his patented DDT. Orton seemed to go back too far, which caused Show’s body to collapse, which caused a chorus of boos inside the TD Garden Arena in Boston.

Out of nowhere, Show landed a chokeslam to which Orton kicked out. Show then got ready to do the WMD, but Orton slid out of the ring and Show followed him out. Show threw Orton into the ropes, which caused referee Charles Robinson to be knocked out. The challenger then tossed Orton into the crowd, where he gave Orton a chop to the chest. The champion then was able reverse the action and clotheslined Show on the barricade.

Show then recovered landed the WMD on Orton. Show then dragged Orton into the ring and then a moment later, Triple H’s music hit and he came out with Stephanie McMahon and Kane. That distracted Show, when Orton came out of nowhere and landed the RKO on Show. Orton then had Show setup and punted him in the head to score the pinfall to retain the WWE championship.

The match ended and The Authority was clapping and cheering Orton when World Heavyweight Champion John Cena approached the ring. Cena entered the ring and had a face to face confrontation with Orton. Both guys held up their respective titles, with Orton stared down Cena with a vengeance and Cena was smiling at Orton to end the pay-per-view.

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