The 50th Anniversary Of The First Ever MMA Fight With “Judo” Gene LaBell vs Milo Savage (Video)

Roots of Fight – Gene LeBell vs Savage featuring Ronda Rousey from Roots of Fight on Vimeo.

The UFC was started 20 years ago last month and that has been recognized by this generation as to when MMA first started. That isn’t true though as 50 years ago yesterday, an American judoka by the name of Gene LaBell responded to an advertisement in a magazine to face a boxer, Milo Savage.

LaBell and Savage battled at event in Salt Lake City, Utah pitting Judo vs Boxing, which would show which style is better. To celebrate the anniversary, the apparel company Roots of Fight made a documentary looking back at the history of the fight and what it means today.

The people at Roots of Fight sent us the video, which you can watch above as you will hear interviews from LaBell, UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, MMA legend BJ Penn, referee John McCarthy, former world champion judoka AnnMaria Rousey DeMars and Paul Lazenby.

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