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UFC Fight Night 33 Results: Mark Hunt And Antonio Silva Fight To A Majority Draw In An Epic Main Event


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UFC President Dana White proclaimed on Fox Sports Live earlier in the week that the UFC Fight Night 33 main event between Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva wouldn’t make it five rounds. Boy, was White dead wrong. In a fight that could be the greatest heavyweight fight in UFC history, Hunt and Silva fought to a majority draw, (48-47 Hunt, 47-47×2).

Round 1

The fight started with Hunt and Silva measuring each other up. Silva switches stances and throws a side kick and then another one a moment later. Hunt tries an overhand right, but misses. An outside leg kick by Silva and then misses a high kick. Hunt lands a right and left hook. Silva lands an overhand right, but Hunt gets back up and Silva lands a knee.

Both guys circling each other trying to gauge distance and Hunt lands a leg kick, but Silva comes back with a leg kick and a right hand. Hunt lands a left jab and then a right hand. Silva pushes Hunt into the cage, but Hunt reverses landing short shots and then they break. Silva lands a body kick as the round nears the end.

BetweenTheRopes.com scores Round 1 for Silva, 10-9.

Round 2

Silva attempts a high kick that was  blocked by Hunt. Hunt barely misses a left hook and Silva lands a leg kick. Silva lands a shot and Silva attacked Hunt, but Hunt was able to escape. Hunt lands a jab and a right hand. Hunt then lands a jab and a body shot to Silva. Silva lands a kick to Hunt’s shoulders. Hunt lands a jab and a straight right that wobbled Silva. Both guys trade shots and Silva lands a leg kick.

High kick blocked by Hunt. Silva lands a leg kick that wobbles Hunt. Hunt switched his stance and as each guy circled each other to end the round.

BetweenTheRopes.com scores Round 2 for Silva, 10-9.

Round 3

Hunt switches stances to begin the round and throws a combination and lands a takedown, but Silva gets back up. Silva presses Hunt for a takedown, but Hunt reverses. Silva reverses and misses a hook. Silva switches stances and Hunt barely misses an uppercut but lands a right hand. Both guys trade shots. Hunt lands a right hand that drops Silva with Hunt trying to pass guard and landing some ground and pound.

Hunt in half guard landing right hands to Silva’s face. Silva’s nose is busted open from the continuous right hands and elbows as the round ends.

BetweenTheRopes.com scores Round 3 for Hunt, 10-9.

Round 4

Both guys land at each other but Silva misses a right hand. Silva lands another outside leg kick and Hunt lands a combination with Hunt pressing Silva against the cage. Silva is exhausted. Silva lands a right hook and a leg kick and another hand. Hunt scores the takedown. Hunt trying to pass Silva’s guard throwing right hands and elbows. Silva gets back to his feet. Hunt lands a standing elbow and then another one.

Silva lands a leg kick and both guys trade shots. Silva lands a big knee and an uppercut. Silva scores a takedown and lands punches and Hunt tries to get up but is unsuccessful. Silva landing vicious shots and Hunt is trying to defend himself. Hunt survives the round.

BetweenTheRopes.com scores Round 4 for Silva, 10-9.

Round 5

A standing ovation to begin the final round. Hunt lands a straight hand and another one. Hunt tries to land and misses but connects with a straight right. Hunt lands a left hook and then another one. Hunt stuffs a takedown attempt by Silva. A left hook by Hunt and two more. Silva attempts a takedown but Hunt stuffs it again. Hunt lands an elbow. Hunt lands a left hook that wobbles Silva, landing short punches and a body shot and Silva clinches.

Hunt throws an elbow and the referee stops the fight due to Silva’s cut and the doctor says he’s good. Hunt lands an elbow and a short right and Silva comes back with a right. Silva trying for a takedown but is stuffed. Silva landing short shots and Hunt lands a huge left hook and then elbow. Silva lands a knee. Hunt with another uppercut and Hunt with a straight right. Silva presses Hunt against the cage and Hunt reverses. Silva tries a knee and Hunt throws a right to the body. Each guy trades shots to end the fight.

BetweenTheRopes.com scores Round 5 for Hunt, 10-9.

The judges score the fight a majority draw (48-47 Hunt and 47-47×2).

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