WWE Raw Comes Alive With Spectacular Final Segment, People Really Like Daniel Bryan


RAW_1072_Photo_191Brian and Steve talk about WWE Raw from Monday night including a spectacular final segment, all the different directions the company could possibly go in now, the reaction to Daniel Bryan and how the fans are demanding for more of him, the smarts of John Cena, how this could play into the WWE TLC PPV on Sunday, more WrestleMania 30 speculation when it comes to matches, the Slammy Awards, WWE Network, AJ Styles done with TNA Wrestling and more.

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One Comment;

  1. Zach said:

    Thanks for spoiling TNA for me on a RAW recap podcast. You can’t say “spoiler alert, AJ Styles is leaving TNA and came back to lose a match with Magnus” is one sentence in one breath. Didn’t even have time to pause, mute, or rip the headphones from my ears. Very unprofessional. I won’t be listening anymore anyways as I have been getting tired of Steve’s blind agreement with EVERYTHING Brian says. “No yeah, I agree”