The Best of 2013: Professional Wrestling

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Ask any wrestling fan – 2013 was a mixed bag.  There were great matches, there were terrible matches… Some superstars escalated to new heights while others (Zach Ryder,  sorry broski) found themselves relegated to Main Event and, worse, Saturday Morning Slam. Professional Wrestling found itself in the news for both good things, and not-so-good things. Pay-Per-View buy rates fell.  TNA stopped even caring about Pay-Per-Views. TNA also stopped caring about ratings.  Or the talent roster.  Hulk Hogan became unemployed, as did Bruce Pritchard, D-Lo Brown, AJ Styles, and even Jim Ross. CM Punk ended his historic 434-day title reign against The Rock, losing a championship that would find itself unified with the World Heavyweight Championship by year’s end.  Pro Wrestling stayed in a slump, but still delivered a year chocked full of fan-pleasing matches.

As we here at Between the Ropes look back at the year that was, we’ve decided to highlight our favorite things from 2013.  Through New Year’s Day, Brian, Steve, and Michael will be uploading picks for “Best… of the Year.”  So bookmark this page, and check back each day for new categories, as we count down to 2014!

Also, be sure to watch our Best of 2013 Flagship Show where we discuss all our picks on the air.


1. Legend Comeback of the Year

2. Biggest News Story of the Year

3. Superstar of the Year

4. Heel of the Year

5. Pay-Per-View of the Year

6. Feud of the Year

7. Tag-Team of the Year

8. Biggest Surprise of the Year

9. Breakout Star of the Year

10. Match of the Year

Michael A. Wiseman

Michael is a pro wrestling enthusiast, MMA fan, and all-around geek. When not blogging, he likes to catch up on TV shows or dig in to the latest tech news. You can follow him on Twitter @therealwiseman.


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    This is exciting, I look forward to this series.

    Steven of Jacksonville, Florida


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