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2013 Breakout Star of the Year

Professional Wrestling really about the star power of in-ring performers.  Today’s top guys mean big money on television, Pay-Per-View, and at the merchandise stand.  But those big draws aren’t going to be around forever, and so the business has to keep building up new talent to take their place.  This was a major focus area for WWE in 2013.  With the debut of the new training facility in Florida, and more high-profile matches for under card talent, the company seemed determine to start packing away for the next era of superstars.  But which talent really came into their own this past calendar year?


2013 Breakout Star of the Year

Brian Fritz: Roman Reigns

There are several talents that comes to mind for his category but Roman Reigns has stood out in his role in The Shield.  The powerhouse of the group has been leveling people left and right with his spear and it looks like he will get an opportunity to take another step forward as a major singles performer in 2014.  Bray Wyatt needs more time in the ring but the Wyatt Family hit the scene strong.   Antonio Cesaro has taken another step forward but needs to get out of The Real Americans where he is miscast and needs a chance on his own with a strong push.



Michael A. Wiseman: Damien Sandow

Some people are still up in arms over the fact that Sandow didn’t cash in his briefcase successfully.  Maybe those people are right… and maybe they’re not.  The point is, WWE had enough confidence in Sandow to let him be in the spotlight just long enough and hold the briefcase for a short while.  He’s not a World Champion. Yet. But his match with John Cena that night on RAW proved that Sandow has what it takes to hang in there with the top talent.  Furthermore, his character really developed in some interesting ways this past year. His friendship/tag-team run with Cody Rhodes was fun, their battle afterwards was my pick for Feud of the Year, and Sandow proved that he’s just as good of a talker as he is between the ropes.  I just hope WWE gives him the ball at some point in 2014.

Sandow Money in the Bank


Steven Muehlhausen: Daniel Bryan

See Superstar of the Year.


Do you think that Brian, Michael, and Steve got it right?  Let us know in the comments below!  And be sure to keep up with everything in our Best of 2013: Professional Wrestling discussion.

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