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WWE Announces Original Programming for Network

WWE Legends House

As part of it’s programming slate for the newly announced WWE Network, the company debuted a number of original shows that will air exclusively on the streaming service.

WWE Legends House – It’s the show that was originally announced back in…2011? 2012?  A reality program where various WWE Legends – it looked like Gene Okerlund, ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan, Jimmy Hart, ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, Pat Patterson, and more – live together in a house and hilarity ensues.  Excited? Meh?

Wrestlemania Rewind – WWE snuck an early appearance by Hulk Hogan in here while discussing this show.  Essentially, Stephanie McMahon compared it to a conversation she had with Andre the Giant after Wrestlemania one year.  It’s a chance for WWE Superstars to talk back about their favorite Wrestlemania moments and the impact it had in their lives, and in the business.  Looked very classy.

Countdown – Stephanie McMahon talked about how interactive and creative this show would be.  She introduced “the founding members of D-Generation X”in Shawn Michaels and HHH, who goofed around, argued about their favorite catch phrases (it doesn’t matter what they think), and generally discussed this concept show.  Kids will love it!

The Monday Night War – A brief video vignette showed clips of Raw and Nitro from the ‘Attitude Era,’ with various superstars (both legends and modern stars, including CM Punk) talking about what the Attitude Era meant to them.  ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin came out to put both the show and network over.  It seems like this show is an attempt to re-capture some of that ‘Attitude Era’ magic by putting us right back in the moment.  Fans of 90s wrestling should get excited.

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