Daniel Bryan: “I Feel Like The Company (WWE) Still Doesn’t See Money In Me”

Daniel Bryan quite arguably is the most popular wrestler in the WWE. A lot of fans have expressed their frustration that Bryan hasn’t been catapulted to be the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It does seem like now that Bryan is expressing that some frustration. Bryan spoke to Shaffee at 97.9 WGRD in Grand Rapids, Michigan and was asked about his role in the main event scene and how the WWE views him.

“They never aspired for me to be where I’m at,” Bryan stated. “There are certain guys, they see somebody, and they say ‘I see money in that guy.’ I don’t think they ever looked at me and said ‘I see money in that guy.’ To this day, even with the loud fan reactions that I get, I feel like the company still doesn’t see money in me, and that’s just interesting because you go out there and do your best, and sometimes it can be very, very frustrating.”

Do you agree with Bryan’s statements?

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