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Batista Wins The 2014 WWE Royal Rumble

The Animal

Batista hadn’t been in a WWE ring in almost four years. “The Animal” returned last week to Raw. The question was whether he could win the Royal Rumble in his grand return.

The match started with CM Punk at number one and Seth Rollins at number two.

Early on we seen at number 12, the return of Dolph Ziggler and at number 14 the return of former WWE champion Kevin Nash and another former champion Sheamus returned at number 17. Roman Reigns came in at number 15. Reigns ended up eliminating 12 wrestlers which broke the record that Kane set in the 2001 Rumble.

Batista made his return at number 28. The former WWE champion eliminated Erick Rowan, Ryback and Alberto Del Rio in succession. Then after almost getting eliminated by fellow Shield member Dean Ambrose, Reigns eliminated Ambrose and Rollins.

The final four guys were Batista, Punk, Reigns and Sheamus. Punk got eliminated by Kane who came from underneath the ring and pulled him over the top rope and then chokeslammed him under the table.

Moments later Sheamus was in a sequence with Batista and Reigns speared him off the apron to leave it down to Reigns and Batista.

By this point, the fans who already booing when Daniel Bryan didn’t appear in the Rumble grew louder on Batista. The final sequence was Reigns speared Batista. Reigns then looked at the WrestleMania sign, Batista grabbed Reigns and threw him over the top rope.

Batista wins the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble.

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  1. Dont know what wwe is thinking!!! The hottest guy in the company being daniel byant and he is not the champ. This is crazy!! Nobody cares about butisa,orton or even cean. Please listen to the fans for once. Yes Yes Yes. DB.

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