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WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Results: Bray Wyatt Defeats Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan is quite arguably the most popular superstar in the WWE. He turned back to babyface two weeks ago on Raw. Would he be able to defeat Bray Wyatt tonight at the Royal Rumble?

Bryan gets a great reaction coming out to the ring and Wyatt comes out next. Bryan starts out the match by getting Wyatt to the outside. Erick Rowan started to attack Bryan and the referee sent Rowan and Erick Harper to the back. Wyatt told them he’s got it. The guys get to the outside and Bryan sends Wyatt into the steps. Wyatt gets back into the ring and Bryan lands several leg kicks.

Bryan does an Indian deathlock type of maneuver and drops Wyatt. Bryan lands several more body kicks. Wyatt ends up on the apron and Bryan tries to suplex him, but Wyatt gets on the apron. Wyatt knock Bryan off onto the floor. Both guys are back in the ring and a moment later Wyatt has Bryan in a chinlock. Bryan gets up and then Wyatt throws Bryan over the top.

Bryan gets battered by Wyatt and Bryan is holding his head. Wyatt lands a running senton and throws Bryan back into the ring. Wyatt has a neck vice on Bryan. Wyatt does his backward spider move and splashes Bryan. Wyatt lands a bodyslam and then attempts an elbow, but misses. Bryan makes his comeback with some body kicks.

Bryan gets Wyatt to the top and lands a hurricarrana. Bryan throws Wyatt into the ropes and Wyatt lands an elbow. Wyatt attempts a suplex, Bryan reverses and lands on the apron. Bryan runs on the apron and lands a tornado DDT. They are brawling on the outside and Bryan throws Wyatt into the ring and lands a missle dropkick.

Bryan lands a his series of body kicks and then a kick to the head and Wyatt kicks out. Bryan throws a Wyatt into the ropes and lands two dropkicks and then attempts a third and Wyatt lands a killer clothesline that spins Bryan inside out. Wyatt tries sister Abigail, but Bryan reverses and gets a two count.

Bryan tries for the YES lock, but Wyatt bites his hand and gets out of the hold. Wyatt lands a series of punches with Bryan on the top and Bryan pushes Wyatt off and lands a splash. Wyatt gets to the outside and Bryan tries a tope, but Wyatt catches him and hits Sister Abigail into the barricade. Wyatt throws Bryan into the ring and hits Sister Abigail for the pin.

Bray Wyatt defeats Daniel Bryan.

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