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Steve Austin Thinks CM Punk Leaving The WWE “Is The Real Deal”

Steve Austin and CM Punk have a lot in common besides being top WWE stars in the past and present. Punk has been the talk of the wrestling world this week as he left the WWE on Monday. Austin did the same thing in June of 2002, but came in February of 2003 for a short run before being forced to retire due to spinal stenosis.

The WWE Hall of Famer was on the Arsenio Hall last night and the Punk situation was brought up.

“So C.M., I think he was backed against the corner, got a little frustrated, and he took his ball and went home,” Austin told Hall. “I think one of two things will happen. I think Vince will fly down there to Chicago or wherever he is and work some Jedi mind tricks and convince him to come back or maybe he will think through the process and he’s got a lot of years left in the tank and never leave money on the table when you can go ahead and make that money. It don’t matter what happens, they keep sending little gimmicks in the mail and they’re called bills and you must pay your bills.

“I consider Punk a very good friend and I know he probably really is going through a lot of stress and I wish him well. I think it is the real deal, but I would like to think he will come back, but he is a pretty hardheaded young man so we will see what happens. Bad timing because you’ve got WrestleMania 30 going down in the Superdome so that’s going to be a good payday and a good ride to make.”

You can watch the complete interview at ArsenioHall.com.

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