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WWE Raw Reaction 2/3/2014: “The New Face of WWE”

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Did you watch Monday Night RAW last night? Were you expecting something fantastic? Maybe fallout from CM Punk being gone, or another step forward for Daniel Bryan’s massive fan reaction? Well… you set the bar too high. Waaaaay too high, apparently.

The opening segment was about as lame as opening segments can go. “Maybe we doubt you, or maybe not… maybe I’m a heel, or maybe not…” nonsense from Triple H, while Randy Orton put on his best “but really I’m angry, guys!” face. I guess it set up the main-event. Then again, so did the match-up card WWE showed throughout the night. At least creative was able to book Orton in matches against ALL of his opponents for the coming weeks, making the booking pretty simple between now and Elimination Chamber. Yawn.

Roman Reigns looked like a BEAST (again!) when The Shield took on The B Team. Too bad Big E Langston’s push seems indefinitely put on hold. Where’s the logic here? Don’t let Langston take the pinfall, and keep your mid-card championships worth something. I’m pretty sure the belt I wore to work today is more prestigious than the United States Championship anymore.

Summing up my rant from Twitter last night: Betty White is the guest host next week. Screw you, sports entertainment.

The New Age Outlaws against The Brotherhood in a steel cage match had me excited. A tag-team division that WWE takes seriously enough to put it in a main-event spot. Unfortunately, the match dragged slower than Bray Wyatt after five minutes in a ring of fire match. No discredit to these four men, they ALL have something to offer. The chemistry was simply off last night.

Hey! Zach Ryder is back! #2011

The dancing segment is where my patience with last night’s show finally ran out. Really, WWE? In the middle of ‘Mania season, we have to put up with this crap? There’s absolutely zero reason for anybody in the WWE Universe to take Fandango, Summer Rae, or #EMMAlution seriously by this point (Santino’s credibility is long gone). Poor Fandango… just remember Chris Jericho put this fella over, folks.

Remember that time Dave Batista, your “good guy,” attacked a hapless Alberto Del Rio for insulting him on Twitter? And then two weeks later came out, and was all like, “Uh, Y U No like me, bro?” Fortunately nobody cheered that garbage. They were all too busy chanting “C-M-Punk!”

The last hour of RAW was a blur. The Wyatts won – thankfully they’re going into a feud against an apparent babyface Shield – and there were also Divas around or something. Wrestling happened. That doesn’t make a show particularly interesting by itself.

While a Daniel Bryan-Randy Orton rematch is always near the top of my “go-to matches” deck, these guys have given us more than what they offered up last night. It was okay. Well… pretty good. But that finish? Man, forget that nonsense. The last thing I want to see is Daniel Bryan shoehorned into a rivalry against Kane, or against Triple H, or anything else that screams “you’re our CM Punk replacement.”

Overall show… zzzzZZZzzzz…. I read online somewhere about closed door creative meetings last week in Stamford. If THIS is what WWE comes up with behind closed doors… maybe the door should stay open. Otherwise, I’m likely to sleep through every Raw between now and ‘Mania. Thank goodness Pay-Per-Views are only ten dollars soon.

Did you watch RAW last night?  Were you as bored as me?  Give your opinion in the comments below.  And follow me on Twitter, @therealwiseman, where I like to complain about Betty White.  A lot.

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