AJ Lee On Her Pipebomb Promo: Could’ve Been Better If The Professionalism Surrounding It Backstage Was A Little Bit Better

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee last year cut what people called a “Pipebomb Shell” promo, which was named by her boyfriend CM Punk. The promo was in reference to the feud she has had with the “Total Divas” cast.

After the promo, nothing really came out of the promo that had the wrestling world buzzing and the fans chanting her name. Lee recently appeared the New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con and explained why it went nowhere.

“It’s funny because who I am is just very quiet and I’m not… I say anything that I think, like I just kind of say it, but other than that I’m super quiet. I’m not a troublemaker. So every time I go out, I turn into this kind of douchey jerk and it’s so different. I hope people can tell the difference between what is necessary for us… It’s like taking your medicine; no one wants to take your medicine, it tastes disgusting but it’s going to make you feel better. So, yeah, this is kind of rude, and terrible, and brutally honest what I’m saying but it’s going to help us all in the long run, is kind of how I saw it. And it really did for a while and I think it could have been much better if the professionalism surrounding it backstage was a little bit more, just a little bit better. Like, okay, let’s move forward with this. It was a little bit disappointing. I really wish we could have done a little bit more with that but I think it wasn’t in order to keep everyone happy. Which, you know.”

Before Lee’s appearance, fans were told to refrain from asking CM Punk questions.

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