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Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler And JBL Mock CM Punk Chant At Last Night’s WWE Raw (Video)

It has been two weeks since CM Punk left the WWE before an edition of Monday Night Raw. The former WWE champion hasn’t made any statements and a return to the company is unknown at this time.

Raw took place last night from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. A video has surfaced from the Raw production feed and it is of the fans chanting for Punk.

Cole says “that will drown out soon” and “go away” in response. Lawler mocks what Cole says and JBL says there wasn’t much determination in the chant.

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  1. This is so typical of Michael Cole. He comes off like a jerk so often and this is just the latest example. Comparing him to J.R is like to ends of the spectrum and this is just another example. J.R has always been careful with his words both on and off air. Cole has always come off as a guy earning a paycheck with no real love for the business and the performers in it.

    He has a background in actual News broadcasting so he knows above anyone that anything you say on a mic can leak out such as this has so anyone feeling sorry for him should not. When you have a mic on you should always assume every word you say could go out to air.

    He will never be J.R and he will never treat talent with respect and class that J.R has always done. Which makes why J.R is not in this company just a joke. Cole is terrible and really is not good at his job which is a vital one in the overall product. He can help talent get over but he is far to often to busy to get his next plug in for whatever WWE is selling or joking around with his buddies King and JBL. Job number one is to get your talent over. He fails at it and this incident shows his total lack of respect for the fans voice. Than he wonders why fans hate him well if you don’t respect people you don’t often get that respect back.

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