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WWE Main Event Results


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WWE Main Event
World Arena
February 19, 2014
Colorado Springs, Colorado

1.) The Shield vs. Los Matadores and Sin Cara

Los Matadores and Sin Cara started to take the early advantage of the match with quick tags from Fernando and Cara to keep The Shield off balance. Regins got tag into the match and started to throw Fernando around the ring like a rag doll. A series of quick tags from The Shield kept Fernando isolated from his tag team partners. Fernando started to build his own momentum and made the seperation from Ambrose to tag in Sin Cara. Sin Cara coming off the hot tag started to gain his own momentum, but The Shield quickly established control of the match as Main Event went to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Sin Cara landed a hope spot for the tag, but Rollins cut him off. The Shield went back to making quick tags and all members got their own moment to shine. Sin Cara landed a impressive tornado DDT on Reigns and the provided the seperation to make the hot tag to Diego. Diego established his move set as the match was breaking dow. Los Matadores, Sin Cara, and even El Torito landed a series of suicide dives to knock down The Shield.

Reigns landed a double spear to Sin Cara and Fernando and Rollins got back in the ring and gave Diego the curb stomp to pickup the victory

Winner: The Shield

They show us a trailer to the “WWE Legends House” show which will air in April on the WWE Network.

2.) Aksana vs. Cameron

Aksana started the match taking the early advantage by landing a series of knees to Cameron’s face. Aksana continued to control the majority of this match. Cameron started to build momentum and rolled up Aksana to pickup the victory.

Winner: Cameron

Back from commercial break they show us a video package about the rules in the Elimination Chamber Match.

They showed us the sit down conversation Michael Cole conducted with WWE COO Triple H. Triple H talks about how Daniel Bryan loves to act like everybody is against him and playing the role of the underdog. Triple H says there is alot of variables in this match and there is no set and stone favorite in this match. Triple H says that The Authority is ready to make the winner of the Chamber Match the “Face of the WWE.”

Bad News Barrett came out and the bad news was that the United States will have the worst medal haul performance in the olympics since 1988.

Back from commercial break they show us a promo for the launch of the WWE Network.

3.) Kofi Kingston vs. Curtis Axel w/Ryback

Kingston went on a flurry of offense early and set up for Trouble in Paradise, but Axel wisely rolled out of the ring. Ryback began to enter the ring, but Mark Henry’s music played and he came down to the ring to give Kingston some backup as Main Event to commercial break.

Back from the break, Kingston continued to dominate Axel. Axel managed to get in some offense after a shot to the back of Kingston’s head, but Kingston quickly regained the upper hand.¬†Ryback had enough and started to attack Kingston, forcing the disqualification.¬†Henry cleared the ring and Kingston hit Rybaxel with a dive. Kingston and Henry celebrated to close the show.

Winner: Kofi Kingston by DQ

Josh’s POV: Okay edition of Main Event I’ve seen better episodes. I really enjoyed the match between The Shield and Los Matadores and Sin Cara. The Kofi Kingston and Curtis Axel match was decent. Wanted to give a big shout out to that crowd in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The massive Ryback sucks chants had me cracking up.

Josh’s Grade for Main Event: 7.5/10

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