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TNA Impact Wrestling Results From February 20, 2014


TNA Impact Wrestling
February 20, 2014
Manchester Arena
Manchester, England

A video package highlighting Gunner’s life and career in TNA opens the show, hyping tonight’s World Championship Match. Dixie Carter, Magnus, EC3 and Rockstar Spud are shown from the backstage area. Carter tells everyone to stop second guessing her. Magnus gives a pep talk to the Dixieland stable, but EC3 is noticeably ignoring it. Magnus tells Carter that they need to get on the same page and they shake hands.

First Segment: We cut “live” to the arena, and Magnus and Dixie walk down to the ring. MVP makes his way to the ring to a massive reaction from the UK crowd. The champ tells him that if he ever got in the ring with him, “nine years” would be nothing compared to how long it would take to recover. Shots fired at his past criminal life.

The crowd chants “paper champion” and MVP tells Magnus a real champion wouldn’t have to tell people every chance they got. We get down to business, as MVP wants an answer for his Lethal Lockdown challenge. Magnus says they accept, but he will not be captaining his team because he has to defend the world title against Samoa Joe. He calls MVP a “bitch” and the two start brawling. Ethan Carter III hits the ring and attacks MVP from behind. The Wolves are shown attacking security backstage, and Gunner evens the odds. Magnus bails as his challenger hits the ring, and the four men stare each other down.

First Match: 3 on 1 Handicap Match Samoa Joe vs. The Bro-Mans and DJ Zema Ion

Joe clothesline the tag team champions and just walks away as Zema dives off the top rope. Zema got caught by the numbers game. The heels hit a trio of knees in the corner, and pick up Joe for a top rope attack, but Joe moves out of the way. Double legsweep to the champs, followed by Joe going suicide dive to the outside, taking out everyone. Back in the ring, Zema rakes the eyes to escape the Muscle Buster, but gets caught with an S-T-F. Muscle Buster connects, and Joe locks in the rear naked choke for the submission to pick up the victory.

Winner: Samoa Joe

The announce team hyped Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame induction next week. Backstage, Bobby Roode spoke with James Storm. Roode said he had a hard time trusting people and it reached a point where he was a man alone in the locker room. He said it had gotten to be to much. Storm asked him what he was saying. Roode said they had some good stuff and bad stuff and the bad was on him and he could’t change it. He said the good stuff they had was special and Storm was the only guy he could trust and he screwed that up. Storm told Roode to chill. He said they knew when they got in the business it was hard. He said if the business was slapping Roode in the face then he needed to slap it back. He said it was a dog eat dog world. In the divided office, MVP asked Austin Aries to be on his Lethal Lockdown team. Aries said he would think about it and they shook hands. A video seemed to be about the UK tour, but it turned into a cellphone video of Gail Kim and Madison Rayne brawling backstage, which lead to Madison making her entrance for a street fight.

Second Match: Street Fight Match Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim w/Lei’D Tapa

Madison grabbed a cookie sheet and attacked Kim during her entrance to start the match. Tapa stood there and watched her attack and didn’t do anything at all about it even though this is a street fight and therefore there are no rules. I guess TNA has just given up on logic completely at this point. Madison continued her assault and tossed Kim to the floor. Tapa stood between them and Madison jumped off the apron onto Tapa. Tapa caught her, but accidentally spun her around to hit Kim before slamming her into the apron.

Kim put the figure four leg lock around the post on Madison for a while and then went for a chair. She tried to hit Madison in the leg, but Madison moved her leg and kicked the chair into Kim’s face. Kim bled from the nose afterward. Back in the ring, Tapa climbed into the ring and Madison hit her with a cookie sheet and a kendo stick. She wound up with a chair, but Kim hit Madison with the belt and covered her for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

Backstage, Hemme was looking at photos of Anderson’s kids with him. Shaw walked into frame, looked pissed, and walked away. Another Gunner hype video aired. It even showed his wife and family. Bobby Roode was shown walking backstage. Ethan Carter III is preparing for a match, and says that he won’t take anything away from the career of Kurt Angle, but claims he more or less ended his career.

Bobby Roode makes his way out to the ring and talks about having a dream as a kid of wanting to be a pro wrestler. He says he’s done things he’s not proud of, and he’s ruined friendships because of his attitude. He announces that tonight will be his last night as a professional wrestler. Dixie Carter comes out and says she needs Roode to be her captain for the Lethal Lockdown match. Carter tells Roode that if Team Dixie wins this match, Roode will get 10% ownership of Impact Wrestling.

Third Match: The American Wolves vs. Kazarian and Christopher Daniels

Daniels locks up with Davey Richards, but knocks Eddie off the apron. Davey chops the hell out of Daniels and the Wolves hit him with a double team hip toss. Bad Influence takes control over Eddie, tagging in and out quickly to keep their team fresh, while the referee keeps Davey in check. Eddie dropkicks Kaz off the apron and goes to work with rapid fire chops in the corner. Daniels tries for the BME but Richards hits the ring and kicks him out of the air. Eddie with a double foot stomp, Davey with a double foot stomp, the Wolves pick up the win.

Winner: The Wolves

Fourth Match: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Magnus (c) vs. Gunner

Just announced, this match has no disqualifications or count-outs. Slow match to start with a feeling out process that ends with Magnus dropping into a side headlock. Gunner breaks free and hits a series of clotheslines, Magnus calls to the back for help, but James Storm comes out with the Wolves to stand on the entrance ramp as we go to commercial. When Impact comes back, Magnus is in control. He hits the Falon Arrow and heads up to the top rope, coming down with the elbow drop for a two-count. Magnus whiffs a shot with the title belt and the two collide in the air – both men down.

Ethan Carter III and the BroMans storm the ring, but are immediately attacked by the Wolves and James Storm. The six of them fight up the ramp as Gunner hits a powerbomb on Magnus. He then climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a diving headbutt to the champion. Rockstar Spud puts the champ’s leg on the bottom rope to save the match. Gunner goes after Spud but gets blasted by the title belt from behind. Somehow the challenger kicks out, and James Storm comes back to ringside to chase off Spud. Gunner builds up a head of steam and takes it to the champion with rights and lefts. A slingshot suplex connects and Gunner pounds his chest, signalling for the end. Sit-down backbreaker connects, and Gunner heads to the top rope one more time. Spud gets in the ring and Storm tosses him out. Gunner leaps off the top rope, but Storm superkicks him in the face. 1.2.3.

Winner: Magnus

Josh’s Grade for Impact: 5/10

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