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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results From February 21, 2014

SmackDown 5 Points Feb 21
WWE SmackDown
February 21, 2014
World Arena
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Michael Cole welcomes us to Friday Night SmackDown. He announces that tonight Sheamus will take on Christian in the main event, and The Rhodes Brothers with Rey Mysterio will take on The Wyatt Family.

First Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger

Bryan lands a big kick on the arm of Swagger to start the match. Bryan takes down Swagger and applies a headlock. Bryan charges toward Swagger with a big knee to the ribs. Bryan sends Swagger to the turnbuckle and starts a series of running dropkicks to the face. Swagger ducked out of the ring and Bryan attempt a suicide dive, but Swagger caught him and drove him arm first to the ring post. Swagger brings Bryan back in the ring and continues to work on the injured arm of Bryan. Swagger planted a side slam on Bryan and he kicks out at 2. Swagger put Bryan on the top rope, but Bryan knocked him down and hit the running knee to the Swagger to pick up the victory.

After the match Vickie Guerrero comes out with Kane and congratulates Bryan on his victory. Guerrero tells Bryan that he won the opportunity to compete in another match tonight. Guerrero announces that Bryan will take on Cesaro up next on SmackDown.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Second Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro

Cesaro slams Bryan and stomps on his shoulder, then Bryan drop toe holds him into the corner and kicks him a few times. Bryan sets him on the turnbuckles but Cesaro connects with a falling knee strike on his shoulder, then he scoop slams him and double stomps Bryan’s shoulder. Cesaro slams him in the corner and puts him in an armbar, but Bryan flips him over the ropes and sends him to the floor. Bryan hits a suicide dive that sends Cesaro into the commentary table, then he tries to roll him in but Cesaro kicks him off the apron. Swagger starts walking towards Bryan with a chair, but the referee catches him and throws him out, then sends Zeb with him for arguing.

Swagger starts walking towards Bryan with a chair, but the referee catches him and throws him out, then sends Zeb with him for arguing. We get back from a break to see Cesaro set Bryan up top, but Bryan shoves him and hits a missile dropkick before repeatedly kicking Cesaro in the chest. Cesaro catches his leg on the last one and gets him in the Giant Swing, then Bryan tries to steal a rollup before Cesaro kicks out and connects with a Very European uppercut. Bryan kicks out of a pin and surprises Cesaro with a running knee, but Kane leaves commentary and chokeslams him to cause a disqualification.

Winner (by disqualification) – Daniel Bryan

Renee Young was shown backstage interviewing Christian .She asked him about the ruthless side of him that we saw on Monday’s Raw. Christian reiterated what he said when returned, and that is that he is a desperate man. He said the fans at home are not going to get him one more match, so he has to do it himself. He is going to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship if it’s the last thing he does in WWE.

Back from commercial break they show us a package of The Bella Twins showing us how to download the WWE Network.

Third Match: The Wyatt Family vs. Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Bray Wyatt said there isn’t much to say. The Shield are three dominoes set up in a line, and if one falls the rest will follow. They beg and plead for people to follow them, but how will anyone follow them when they are on their hands and knees in front of the eater of worlds. Follow the buzzards.

Rey and Cody hit a double drop kick on Harper to open the match. Harper recovered and started the process of cutting off Rhodes. Rowan tagged in and ate a drop kick, which allowed Cody to tag in Goldust. Rowan hit a clothesline on Goldust and Bray tagged in. He continued to punish Goldust with strikes and then taunted the crowd by doing hanging from the top rope is his creepy pose.

Harper and Goldust went back and forth with strikes, until Goldust hit a clotheslines and tagged out to Cody. Cody hit a Moonsault for a two count. Rey Mysterio tagged in and set up Harper for 619. Harper caught him with a Big Boot that looked unbelievable. Bray Wyatt tagged in and cut off Rey in his corner. Rowan tagged in and continued the offense. He applied a bear hug that seemed to take forever. Rey broke free, but could not sustain any offense. Rapid tags let to Bray Wyatt being in the ring, and he hit a splash on Rey in the corner. Rey avoided the second one and tagged in Goldust.

Rowan also tagged in and ate a cross body from Goldust. The match broke down at this point as Bray interfered. Rey Mysterio hit a 619 on Rowan, and dove on Harper at ringside. Harper caught him and threw him into the barricade. Cody then dove on Harper, which left Goldust with Rowan in the ring. Goldust set up Rowan for the shattered dreams, but he didn’t realize Bray Wyatt had made a blind tag. Wyatt then hit a diving body block and Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner: The Wyatt Family

Byron Saxton interviewed Sheamus. He said he felt responsible for Christian’s new aggressive streak, but he was looking forward to having a good scrap with him later. He said this time, the Brogue will be no accident.

Fourth Match: Dance Off~ Emma vs. Summer Rae

Winner: Emma

Fifth Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Titus O’Neil

Titus worked over Ziggler with strikes and talked trash at Darren Young at the announce table. Ziggler avoided a shoulder charge in the corner and hit a cross body. Ziggler then hit ten punches and a neck breaker. Ziggler then went for a the fameasser, but Titus avoided it and hit big boot. Young interfered in the match by blowing into a whistle incessantly, which distracted Titus long enough for Ziggler we to roll him up for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Sixth Match: Jimmy Uso vs. Road Dogg

Road Dogg snapmares Jimmy and applies a headlock, then he jabs him a few times but Jimmy hits a full nelson bomb before Road Dogg rolls outside. Road Dogg takes a cheap shot and sets up a pump handle slam, but Jimmy floats over and hits a superkick for the win.

Winner: Road Dogg

Seventh Match: Sheamus vs. Christian

Sheamus hits a shoulder block off the ropes, then Christian applies a waistlock but Sheamus breaks it so Christian throws some elbows. Sheamus fights right back with some strikes, then he sets up for a powerslam but Christian throws him outside and sets up a suicide dive. Christian jumps but Sheamus avoids him, then he hits a rolling fireman’s carry on the floor as we go to a break.

Christian slapped his way back into the match, and both men ended up out on the floor after a series of reversals. Sheamus charged at Christian and sent him hard into the barricade. He backed up and charged again, but Christian dumped Sheamus into the timekeepers area. Christian ripped the padding away from the barricade, and pulled Sheamus’ arm through the bars. He then yanked Sheamus’ chest repeatedly into the steel frame underneath the padding. It was a pretty cool looking spot.

In the ring, Christian continued the assault on Sheamus and stomped on his wrist. He then wrapped it around the top rope and wrenched on it, and Cole reminded everyone about Sheamus’ surgically repaired shoulder. Christian continued to work on the arm and shoulder of Sheamus, and tried a cover, but got a two count.

Both men traded strikes and Christian went up top. Sheamus noticed and tossed him off the top rope. He then fired up and hit a knee lift and a power slam. Christian grabbed Sheamus and hit an arm breaker off the top rope. Sheamus recovered quickly and caught Christian on the apron for his clubs to the chest. Christian tossed Sheamus into the ring post and rolled him up for a near fall. There was a bit more back and forth, and then Sheamus hit two Irish Curse Back Breakers. Sheamus signaled for the Brogue Kick, but Christian rolled outside.

Christian tried to catch Sheamus coming back into the ring, but Sheamus moved and hit a knee lift. He then went up top, but Christian caught him and sent him crashing down. He then went for the killswitch, but Sheamus reversed into White Noise for the win. After the match Sheamus celebrated on the second rope. Christian snuck up behind him and sent him to the outside onto the floor to close the show.

Winner: Sheamus

JPOV: Another great edition of Friday Night SmackDown. Good storyline build to the Elimination Chamber PPV. Alot of great matches tonight. Great way to finish a strong of week of televise WWE programming.

Josh’s Grade for SmackDown: 9/10

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