Artist Rob Schamberger On Painting Wrestlers, WrestleMania 30 Work

rob schamberger

rob schambergerRob Schamberger has been making a name for himself by painting wrestlers.  His work has become so popular that not only are the fans enjoying it but so are the wrestlers themselves.  Rob talks about how he started painting wrestlers, when his work started to get noticed, his Champions Collection and how far away he is to completing it, who he is looking forward to painting, working with the WWE on a charity auction, special works he has been commissioned to do, helping with Mick Foley’s WrestleMania XXX Dream Vacation raffle to support RAINN and what he will be doing in New Orleans for WrestleMania week.

You can check out Rob’s website to see his various pieces of art and you can follow him on Twitter @RobSchamberger.

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