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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results From April 4, 2014

sdWWE SmackDown
April 4, 2014
Verizon Center
Washington, D.C.

First Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Titus O’Neil

Titus overpowers Ziggler in the opening minutes. Ziggler jumps at Titus and throws him to the ground. Titus puts a headlock on Ziggler and repeatedly punches him. Bodyslam and a leg drop from Titus. Chinlock from Titus. Ziggler fights his way back into it and crossbodies O’Neil. Neckbreaker from Dolph. Ziggler dodges a big boot and hits the fame-asser. Titus hits the big boot this time. Titus hits two backbreakers but Ziggler reverses the 3rd and hits the Zig Zag for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

The show returns with a plug for WWE Axxess in New Orleans. Jerry Lawler and Renee Young review Undertaker’s upcoming match against Brock Lesnar. A video package plays highlighting the Taker’s streak and the upcoming challenge he faces in Brock Lesnar.

The show returns with Lawler and Renee Young plugging WWE Slam City Toys and the SmackDown aftershow. A video plays of Michael Cole interviewing Stephanie McMahon. They talk about WrestleMania and Daniel Bryan. She says that their actions towards Bryan are a acts of leadership. The interview basically recaps HHH’s rivalry with Bryan. It is interspersed with video clips such as HHH beating up Daniel Bryan while he is handcuffed.

The show returns with more highlights from Axxess.

Renee Young and Jerry Lawler discuss John Cena’s feud with Bray Wyatt. A video package plays recapping the feud.

The show returns with Lawler and Young talking about Randy Orton. An video plays of Booker T interviewing Randy Orton. Orton says that it is “his time”. Booker asks him about WrestleMania. Orton discusses his history with HHH and says that when he steps in the ring, he is no longer his boss. When asked about Daniel Bryan, Orton dismisses him as a fad. Booker then asks him about Batista and Orton recalls that they were once friends. He says that Batista lost something when he took 4 years off. Orton boasts that he will leave WrestleMania as champion.

Second Match: The Real Amercians w/Zeb Colter vs. Los Matadores w/El Torito

The match starts with Swagger against Fernando. Swagger drives Fernando to the corner and delivers several big knees. Fernando fights back and leaps over Swagger from the top rope. Swagger drives him to the corner and Cesaro makes the tag. Cesaro is met with a dropkick followed by an armdrag. He fights back with a scoop slam. Diego is tagged in and meets a headscissors take down. Zeb Colter slaps Cesaro and Cesaro goes after him but Swagger gets between them. Cesaro Gets fired up and hits a huge dropkick. He sends Diego to the corner and delivers a series of vicious European uppercuts. He slams Diego and does the We The People Salute.

The show returns with Diego fighting back against Cesaro. Swagger is tagged in and they attempt to double team Diego but he delivers a double DDT. He goes for the tag but is dragged across the ring by Swagger. Cesaro is tagged in and they deliver a double suplex. Cesaro follows up with an elbow for the two count. He hits the European uppercut and tags in Swagger. He delivers a big clothesline for a two count. Diego fights back and is visibly exhausted. Cesaro tries to interfere but Diego pulls down the top rope. Diego goes for the tag but Fernando is pulled off the apron by Cesaro. Swagger hits a belly to belly suplex followed by a Swagger bomb. Cesaro makes the tag during the Swagger bomb and drives Diego to the corner. Diego fights out. Swagger gets the tag. Cesaro and Swagger are sent out of the ring by Diego. He makes the tag. Fernando hits a hurricanrana followed by an elbow from the middle rope for a two count. Cesaro goes for a slam but Fernando reverses and sends him to the corner. Fernando hits a frontflip from the top rope for a two count. Swagger interferes and is sent outside by Diego. Cesaro knocks Diego off the apron with a big boot. Fernando goes for a dropkick but is caught in the Cesaro Swing. Cesaro hits the Cesaro Swing for the three count.

Winner: The Real Americans

The show returns with more highlights from Axxess.

Lawler and Young discuss the Shield. An interview plays with all three members of The Shield. Highlights play of their rivalry with Kane and The New Age Outlaws. The Shield talks about their upcoming match. Ambrose says they are going to send Kane and The Outlaws to pasture in New Orleans.

The show returns with a video showing HHH and Bruno Sammartino unveiling a statue of Sammartino.

Renee Young and Lawler discuss Batista. A video plays of Booker T interviewing Batista. Booker asks him how it felt returning after 4 years. He said it was tough but he is rolling with the punches. Booker T asks about the fans reacting in a negative way. Batista says that the boos just motivate them. Booker asks him his thoughts on the triple threat match at WrestleMania. Batista says that it bothers him that he can lose without being pinned. They then discuss his feud with HHH. Batista says he doesn’t see him as a threat. Batista then goes on to say Daniel Bryan has no chance to beat him. He then calls Orton the biggest corporate suck up that he ever met. He concludes the interview by saying he is going to win the championship at WrestleMania.

The show returns with Lawler and Young discussing the Hall of Fame Inductees. They then talk about Daniel Bryan.

A replay airs of Daniel Bryan’s attack on HHH from Monday Night Raw.

In-Ring Promo:Hulk Hogan comes out to huge cheerHe talks about some of his WrestleMania memories and hypes up the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX.

Josh’s Grade for SmackDown: 8/10

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