Lineup for WWE Hall of Fame Class 2014


Coming up on Saturday night, the WWE will induct seven more members into its Hall of Fame. It’s an interesting lineup to say the least with plenty of characters and even controversial choices. The entire ceremony will air live on the WWE Network beginning at 9pm Eastern.

* The Ultimate Warrior

An iconic character from the 80’s known best by fans for his wild entrances running to the ring and his even wilder, nonsensical promos that he would scream out. Warrior’s big moment was defeated Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI which many people thought would be the passing of the guard but it was not and Hogan would return to take the top spot in the company. He had plenty of detractors from his peers for his style, especially since was not a very good wrestler and his erratic personality. That’s likely why Linda McMahon will be introducing him and not a fellow wrestler.

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