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Kurt Angle is fired up on TNA Impact.

4/24 TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Magnus stands tall over Eric Young, Beer Money reunites and MVP defeated Austin Aries

1293_875b9c501fe72ef7127348b31b9df979_mTNA Impact Wrestling
April 24, 2014
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

First In-Ring Segment:

We recap the World Title change from a few weeks ago and last week’s Monster’s Ball match.Here’s Magnus with what looks like a grappling hook. He calls out Abyss because it’s the Monster’s fault that Magnus lost the title. Magnus calls Abyss a blithering idiot. The weapon in his hand is part of a turnbuckle and Magnus yells at Abyss for not coming down to ringside. Abyss says he’d be fired if he came down so Magnus fires him anyway. The monster says that it was never about the money but wanting to belong to someone. Abyss says he’s still a monster and looks to want a fight but here’s MVP to interrupt.

MVP says calm down and that Abyss isn’t his favorite person after Abyss hit him with a chair a few weeks ago. However, MVP is all about second chances so maybe Abyss should be offered a full time spot on the roster if he can win his match tonight. That match is of course against Magnus and MVP literally skips away. Abyss is thrilled and promises to take care of Magnus tonight.

Spud tells EC3 to save the speech this week but EC3 cuts him off and says last week he saw a ghost. It was actually real though and there’s only one man that can beat Angle: Carter himself. Tonight Spud needs to be a gazelle for Carter. Ethan adjusts Spud’s tie and the picture is starting to make sense to the Rockster.

First Match: Kurt Angle vs. Rockstar Spud

Spud goes for a leg dive and is literally thrown across the ring to start the match. Angle gave Spud a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker off the top rope  and puts Spud down and Angle no sells everything until Carter trips him up to give Spud quick control of the match. Angle runs the ropes for the suplex and gives Spud the ankle lock and gets the win.

After the match EC3 attacks Kurt Angle from behind and out comes Willow for the save.

Winner: Kurt Angle

The Beautiful People promise to give Madison a makeover later tonight. Impact goes to commercial break.

Coming back from commercial break MVP is on the phone and walks into his office and the “King of the Night” Kenny King is there and  he is ready for action. King tells MVP that he is ready to participate in action tonight and MVP obligies and gives him the match and King asked him “Who will I be facing?” and MVP tells him it will be a “Big Surprise.”

Second In-Ring Segment: Madison Rayne’s music plays and she comes out. She grabs a mic and heard The Beautiful People want to give her a makeover. So, let’s have it. Come on! Their music plays and here comes Sky and Love. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring. Love grabs a mic and asks Rayne what is wrong. She looks tired in the face . Is her new baby keeping her up all night? Shouldn’t Madison show some forgiveness for the thankful offer from her and Sky? Rayne talks back and says that they are right and she forgives them. She is sorry… that she is about to do this! She then attacks Love and Sky with punches. She goes after Love in the corner after she knocks Sky down. Sky stands and goes after Rayne and pulls her down.

Love stands and attacks Madison. Sky grabs Rayne from behind on the mat. Love gets on the mic and says Madison is nothing. They only hired her ugly butt to make them look better. That is going to change now! They go to give her a makeover but Brittany runs down the ramp and slides in the ring.She goes after Love and Sky but they double team her. They toss her out of the ring. Sky does a face buster to Rayne. Love grabs the bag that is in the corner. She pulls out a paper bag. Sky holds Rayne up and Love puts the paper bag on Rayne’s head.

Mr. Anderson is outside with a camera. He talks about Samuel Shaw and says he is in his hometown. He has his childhood address so let’s get going. Anderson gets in his car. Impact goes to commercial break.

Back from commercial break we head back to the Knockouts locker room, and Gail Kim is shown talking to Madison Rayne. Kim tells her that The Beautiful People are leading this division down the wrong and path. Kim tells Rayne that even tho they are not besties anymore, she has alot of respect for Rayne and ask her to be her tag team partner in Rayne match later on with The Beautiful People. Rayne accepts Kim’s offer and Brittany tells her that she will by her side as well, but Rayne tells her that she is fine by herself and doesnt need Brittany’s help.

Second Match: Kenny King vs. Bobby Lashley

King applies a headlock but Lashley throws him outside, then King runs in but Lashley leapfrogs him and powerslams him. He goes for a corner tackle but stops when the ref gets in his way, then King rakes his eyes and throws him on the mat. King connects with a top rope clothesline, then Lashley takes him down with a belly-to-belly suplex before hitting him a few times. Lashley clotheslines him and goes for a spear, but King blocks it and hits an enziguiri before heading up top. He dives at Lashley but Lashley catches him in midair and hits a delayed snap suplex, then he goes for another spear but King rolls outside and gets counted out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley by Countout

Ken Anderson rings the doorbell at a house and Shaw’s mom answers the door, introduces herself as Christy and invites Anderson in.

We cut to James Storm asking Bobby Roode if he’s ready, then they rehash some old memories and ask why they are teaming again. Storm says they were the best team ever when they were on the same page, and Roode respected him, unlike Gunner. He says he made Gunner a star and gets no credit, then Roode talks about putting Bully Ray through a table, and Storm says they need to get this done.

Third Match: MVP vs. Austin Aries

Aries bridges out of a legscissors and dropkicks MVP, then he throws him outside and hits a slingshot rolling elbow for a two count. He goes for a discus forearm but MVP elbows him a few times and clotheslines him, then he hits the Ballin’ elbow and goes for a waistlock. Aries hits a discus elbow and sets up a Brainbuster, but MVP counters with an overhead suplex and goes for a Yakuza kick. Aries counters with a side suplex for two, then he hits an IED and goes up top, but MVP avoids a headbutt and connects with a Yakuza kick for the win.

Winner: MVP

Mr. Anderson is having Iced Tea with Samuel Shaw’s mom in the kitchen of Shaws house. Mr. Anderson asked Mrs. Shaw whats the smell in the house, she said its pie that she makes for Shaw every single day and she brings it to him in his room. Anderson asked where is Shaw bedroom, she says its in the basement and then ask Anderson since Shaw is not here if he wants to check out and he says yes.

Fourth Match: Bully Ray & Gunner vs. James Storm & Bobby Roode

Roode and Storm hit Bully in the corner and taunt him, then Bully chops Roode and hits a backbreaker before getting the tag. Gunner hits some clotheslines and headbutts, then he splashes both opponents and hits Storm with a slingshot suplex for two. Bully jabs Storm a few times and elbows Roode, then he holds Storm in place and Gunner assists him in hitting the Wazzup off the top. Bully calls for a table and Gunner places Roode on one, then Bully goes for an elbow drop but Roode rolls away and Bully crashes through the table. Gunner hits Roode a few times before hitting a fireman’s carry slam, but he gets up and walks into a Last Call by Storm, and Storm makes the cover.

Winner: James Storm and Bobby Roode

We go back to the Shaw house, Mr. Anderson is in Shaws room and Samuel Shaw walks in and says what are you doing in my room? They strat brawling then Anderson runs upstairs and leaves the house.

Fifth Match: The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne & Gail Kim

Velvet tries to avoid Madison by getting behind the ref, but Madison pulls her across the ring and takes her down with a jawbreaker. She throws them outside and hits them both, then she gets a near fall off of a slam before Gail tags in. Gail hits Angelina a few times and splashes her, then she kicks Velvet off the apron before the Beautiful People try to run away. Madison and Gail throw them back in and Gail applies a grounded headscissors, but Velvet dropkicks Gail to break it and Angelina applies a sleeperhold. Gail slams her in the corner to break it, then Gail hits a backbreaker and Madison tags in, but Angelina takes a cheap shot and rolls her up, pulling the tights for the win.

Winner: The Beautiful People

Knux is back at the carnival with I think his ex-girlfriend. He says he has to go back to Impact because it’s what he does best. She’ll be supportive of him for the first time, but says she’s going with him.

Abyss says he lost sight of the one person who cares about him and tonight is for him.

The Wolves want the Tag Team Titles. It’s a handicap match with Zema Ion joining the Bro Mans at the TNA Sacrifice PPV

We run down the PPV card.

Sixth Match: Magnus vs. Abyss *If Abyss wins he earns a new TNA Contract

Eric Young comes out for commentary and if Abyss wins he gets a full time job. Abyss takes him into the corner to start and nails some clotheslines before launching the Brit to the floor. Back with Magnus working on the leg as Abyss is supposed to be a face after being all violent for so many weeks. The leg is wrapped around the post but Abyss grabs him by the throat…..and Magnus kicks him low for the DQ.

Winner: Abyss by DQ

Post match Magnus beats on him with a chair until Young comes down and gets beaten down as well.

Josh’s Grade for Impact Wrestling: 9/10

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