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WWE Main Event Results: Bray Wyatt prevails over Sheamus

wwemaineventWWE Main Event
April 29, 2014
Sprint Center
Kansas City, Missouri

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First Match: Goldust w/Cody Rhodes vs. Alberto Del Rio

Goldust and Del Rio start off with both men brawling in the corner. Goldust is beaten down with multiple kicks and punches, and then is hit with a backstabber for a two count. Del Rio begins to choke Goldust in the ropes, and then hits vicious knees to the head on the ground. Del Rio goes for the cover for a two count. He then keeps Goldust grounded. Goldust gets up and tries to fight back but Del Rio thwarts the comeback. Goldust however hits an uppercut and then a powerslam for a two count.Del Rio however pushes Goldust into the corner and hits a high kick for a two count. Del Rio then hits a back suplex, and sets up for the super kick. Goldust however grabs the leg and hits the Final Cut for the three count!

After the match Renee Young comes in the ring and interviews the Brotherhood. Goldust says even tho at times they will compete in singles competition, the Brotherhood will always have each others back. Renee Young tells Cody that he must be proud of his brother beating Del Rio even tho he wasn’t able to do so on Raw. Cody ask Renee if she thinks that Goldust is better than him just because he couldn’t defeat Del Rio. Cody apologizes and says that the Brotherhood will always be together.

Winner: Goldust

This Friday on WWE SmackDown, Dean Ambrose will defend his United States Championship in a Fatal Four Way Match. Ambrose will take on Ryback, Curtis Axel and Alberto Del Rio. New stipulation added that no members of The Shield will be allowed at ringside.

Second Match: Paige vs. Alicia Fox

Both girls lock up, with both falling to the outside of the ring. Paige takes a shot at Alicia, and then hits a kick to the head. Paige then hits a hurricanrana from the apron on Alicia. They go back in the ring and Fox takes control, slamming Paige into the bottom turnbuckle. Alicia goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Alicia then puts Paige in a headlock. Paige gets up and hits a couple elbows in the corner, but then runs into a big boot by Alicia. Paige then rolls out of a roll up and hits a kick to the head.Paige then hits a bunch of knees to the head in the ropes, but Alicia fights back and goes for a suplex. Paige reverses it into a nasty looking DDT for the three count.

After the match Paige celebrates on the stage and out comes Tamina Snuka and we’ve got our self a staredown and Tamina walks away.

Winner: Paige

We get a recap video of the opening segment from Raw

Renee Young interviews Sheamus backstage. Sheamus talks about how he had to deal with “monsters” growing up in Ireland. Sheamus says that tonight for The Wyatt Family they need to drop their sheep mask because its time to fight.

Third Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Bad News Barrett

Bad News Barrett comes out and says that things will be looking up. Barrett says once he becomes the Intercontinental Champion at Extreme Rules, the WWE Universe will not have to deal with a man that has a personality of dry wall anymore.

Both men lock up with Kofi getting hit with a nasty kick to the gut. Barrett goes for the cover but only gets a one count. Kofi reverses a back suplex, and then hits a kick to the head. Kofi hits the cross body but only gets a two count. Barrett goes for a clothesline and misses, but then hits a backbreaker. Barrett goes for the Bullhammer but Kofi reverses it into a roll up. Kofi then pushes Barrett to the outside and goes for a baseball slide but Barrett gets out of the way and goes for the Bullhammer again. Kofi ducks it and goes onto the steel steps. Kofi jumps at Barrett but Barrett hits the Bullhammer in mid air on the outside! Barrett rolls Kofi into the ring and makes the cover for the three count.

Winner: Bad News Barrett

We get a recap of the segment with Kane going after Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella on Raw

Fourth Match: Bray Wyatt w/The Wyatt Family vs. Sheamus

The match starts with Sheamus shoving Bray in the corner. Sheamus backs off and both men lock up again. Bray hits a shoulder block and both men stand off again. They lock up and Sheamus hits two shoulder blocks for a two count. Sheamus then tries to work the arm but Bray takes a shot to the head to gain some space. Sheamus fights back and both men begin a slug fest. Sheamus takes control and hits a knee to head on Bray for a two count. Sheamus goes for the 10 blows to the chest but the Wyatt Family grab Brays legs and take him off the apron.

We return with Bray hitting a clothesline on Sheamus. Sheamus fights back and hits a shoulder block on the outside. Sheamus then beats Brays face into the announce table. Bray fights back and throws Sheamus face first into the ring apron. Bray goes for a cover but only gets a two count. Bray then hits a running senton for a two count. Bray begins to choke Sheamus into the ropes with a smile on his face. Bray then hits a running kick to the face. Bray then tries to keep Sheamus grounded. Sheamus gets up but Bray hits a scoop slam. Bray goes for the senton again but Sheamus gets hit knees up. Both men get on their feet at the same time and then it begins to turn into a slug fest. They both trade blows until Sheamus begins his comeback sequence.Sheamus goes for a power slam but Bray reverses it into a slam of his own. Bray covers Sheamus but only gets a two count. Bray then goes for the Sister Abagail but Sheamus fights him off and hits White Noise for a two count.

Sheamus then hits the 10 blows to the chest on Bray. Sheamus goes up top and hits the battering ram for a two count. Sheamus is then hit in the chest with an elbow and then Bray hits his running body tackle on Sheamus. Bray goes for the cover but only gets two count. Bray then goes for the running splash in the corner but Sheamus runs at him for the Brogue Kick! Bray ducks it but is hit with an Irish Curse for a two count. Sheamus then goes for the Brogue Kick but is distracted. Sheamus however hits a powerslam for a two count. Sheamus goes for White Noise but Bray gets out. Sheamus then tries for a Brogue Kick on Harper but Harper gets off the apron. Bray then hits the Sister Abagail for the three count.

After the matcht he 3 on 1 assault begins until the Usos come down and make the save. The Wyatt Family look on as Main Event concludes.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Josh’s Grade for WWE Main Event: 10/10

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