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TNA Impact Wrestling Results: MVP lays down the law, Young defends title

1308_d47300311cae084d6efc47adaeb5f6f5_mTNA Impact Wrestling
May 1, 2014
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

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We open with Bully Ray spray painting something on a table.

Eric Young talks about how real it is that he’s still champion and goes into MVP’s office. The boss congratulates him on his win and says Eric can prove his worth every week. That’s cool with Eric so here are Gunner, Mr. Anderson and Bobby Roode. They’ll draw cards from a deck. The lower two cards will face off and the winner faces the high card, with the winner of that getting a World Title shot. Anderson and Gunner tie while Roode gets an ace, meaning it’s Anderson vs. Gunner first and the winner faces Roode for the title shot. This is all tonight apparently.

First In-Ring Segment: Here’s Magnus with something to say. He isn’t cool with not being in the World Title competition tonight and demands that MVP come out here and explain that decision. Instead he gets Abyss through the crowd. The brawl is on and Abyss lays Magnus out with a chokeslam. He pulls out a chair as the fans want Janice. They get what they want but Magnus bails. The announcers play up the idea that Abyss may not have a contract, despite him getting a World Title shot two weeks ago.

Second In-Ring Segment: Here’s Ray with a table and holding his ribs. He holds the table up and it says DIXIE. Ray says he might not be as big and fat as he used to be but he can promise one thing: if he sees Dixie in this building tonight, she’s going through that table.

Dixie Carter arrives to the arena on the phone and she refuses to answer any questions and Impact goes to commercial break.

Back from commercial break Dixie Carter was in the backstage area and Rockstar Spud tried to hide Dixie Carter from Bully Ray but she’s not afraid.

First Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner

Winner faces Roode later tonight for a title shot. Feeling out process to start as they trade some headlocks. Gunner’s advantage doesn’t last long as Anderson shoves him off and puts on a headlock of his own. A hammerlock doesn’t work all that well for Mr. either so he hooks another headlock. Gunner catches a charging Anderson in a fall away slam but James Storm interferes because the feud isn’t over yet. Storm gets knocked to the floor before accidentally kicking Anderson in the back of the head, allowing Gunner to hit an F5 for the pin.

Winner: Gunner

Magnus packed his bag, muttered to himself, and prepared to leave when a random bearded man who looks like Gunner walked in. Magnus greeted him like an old friend, but the man wasn’t so friendly back. He said they need to talkMagnus was still talking to his random friend from England. The man called Magnus a sorry excuse for the man he used to know. He called Magnus an embarrassment to himself, his family, and their country. He asked Magnus if he remembers the good old days – the booze, women, and fights. He said Magnus has gone soft, then shoved Magnus against a locker. He calmed down and said he’s here for Magnus’s own good.

Third In-Ring Segment: Ethan Carter III was in the ring. ECIII said in seven days, he goes one-on-one with Kurt Angle. Carter said this match was supposed to happen at Lockdown, but he injured him and now Angle is back to have the match. And he’s glad. Because now he can validate himself as a new American wrestling icon.

Angle is in seven days, but he has a very special treat tonight. ECIII then called out his sparring partner, Rockstar Spud. Out came Spud dressed like Kurt Angle with a singlet, headgear, and “SPUD” written across his singlet. Spud kind of pranced around the ring before they locked up. Carter did some gator rolls, then Spud moved around the ring some more. ECIII calmed him down and told him to assume the position. Too much position from Spud, then ECIII grappled him from behind.

Suddenly, Kurt Angle’s music interrupted. Angle walked out on-stage and told ECIII to stop humping Spud and focus on him. Angle told Carter that he’s out for blood next week and his “streak” will end. He also guaranteed to hurt Carter, twist his ankle into two, and he won’t stop. Angle told Carter that the pain will begin in seven days.

Backstage: The Beautiful People talked to themselves about having a celebration tonight.

Back from commercial break they replayed the vignette of Knux from the Sacrifice PPV. The Menagerie will debut next week on Impact.

Second Match: #1 Contenders Match to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Gunner vs. Bobby Roode

Roode hits Gunner a few times before Gunner throws a few punches in the corner, then he hits a back body drop and follows with a headbutt. Roode sends Gunner outside and hits him a few times, then he hits a neckbreaker and heads up top. Gunner catches him and hits a fallaway slam, then he connects with a few clotheslines and a DDT for two. Gunner connects with a slingshot suplex and heads up top, but Roode rolls away from a headbutt and hits a Roode Bomb for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Angelina reads a letter from The TNA Board of Directors telling her and Velvet Sky that they must start dressing like professionals or there will be serious repercussions. Angelina say they will dress in evening gowns for their celebration but by the end who knows what they will be wearing.

Fourth In-Ring Segment: Dixie out to the ring with “security” with the table with her name on it. She brags about putting Bully Ray through a table at Sacrifice. Mentions that she broke a couple of Bully’s ribs when little old her pushed him through the tables.Says she isn’t afraid of Bully and the Bully should fear Dixie Carter.

Bully’s music hits and another “line of security” blocks Bully’s way to the ring. Bully has a mic and says that the entire Impact Zone wants to see him put her through a table.Bully confronts security with his chain and says that he knows that each of them would love to see him put Dixie through a table and the first line of security walks away.

Bully now confronts the last 3 security guards and says they have a count to five to get out of his way and then he’s going to put Dixie through the table. Bully rushes security and puts all three out and Dixie stands her ground face to face with and Bully gets ready to put her through the table when MVP’s music hits.

MVP stops Bully and tells Dixie to get out of his ring. MVP then bars both Dixie and Bully from the Impact Zone until further notice.

Third Match: James Storm vs. Willow

Storm hammers away to start but Willow escapes the Eye of the Storm and hits a few dropkicks to take over. A mule kick sends Storm into the corner and a cartwheel into a right hand to the jaw drops him down. There’s the slingshot dropkick followed by a Twisting Stunner to send Storm outside. Willow slides through the ropes and drops an elbow to the ribs in a nice move. Storm is stood up next to the barricade for Poetry in Motion off the steps. Willow gets a chair but misses a running Fameasser onto the steps with it to put him down on the floor. Storm pulls out the beer bottle and shoves the referee for the DQ.

Winner: Willow by DQ

Post match Willow hits Storm with the umbrella and stalks him up the ramp, right into a Mic Check from Anderson.

The Bro Mans and Zema blame MVP for losing their titles so he uts them in a six man tag against the Wolves and a surprise partner. The three of them leave and Ray comes in to yell at MVP. He says he gave MVP the job at Lockdown but MVP shouts him down and suggests that Ray do something outside of the arena.

Eric Young was shown backstage talking his history with Bobby Roode and is looking forward to his title defense against Roode tonight.

Fourth Match: The Wolves and Sanada vs. The Bro Mans and DJ Zema Ion

It’s a brawl to start with the Wolves LAUNCHING Ion over the top onto the Bro Mans. They howl, setting up a double suicide dive followed by a plancha from Sanada to take out Zema. Back inside and Robbie’s chops have no effect on anyone as he’s left all alone. Jesse and Ion get back up to take Eddie down as the heels get their first advantage. Edwards nips back up though and enziguris Ion down.

The Bro Mans are sent to the floor again and it’s hot tag to Richards to clean house. Ion is thrown into the air for a kick to the ribs as Tenay announces Bro Mans vs. Wolves for the titles next week in a ladder match. The Bro Mans come back in to break up a cover but it’s a tag off to Sanada as Ion is left alone 3-1. All three good guys go up top, setting up the stomp from Edwards, a moonsault from Sanada and another stomp from Richards for the pin.

Winner: The Wolves and Sanada

Fifth In-Ring Segment:Here are the Beautiful People in evening gowns with Angelina saying they’re going to take it all off. They start but stop almost immediately because the people don’t deserve it. This brings out Gail Kim who says they’re making a mockery of the division. She’s going to make sure the Beautiful People get stripped and the attack is on. Velvet bails and Angelina escapes a few seconds later. Gail gets the belt as Madison Rayne and Brittany sneak up and rip the gowns off the Beautiful People.

Fifth Match: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Eric Young (c) vs. Bobby Roode

Feeling out process to start with Young grabbing an armdrag into an armbar. A dropkick staggers Roode and we take our last break.

Back from break, Young lit up Roode with a corner attack. But, Roode whipped Young over the corner turnbuckle to the floor. Back in the ring, Roode continued the attack, but walked into a shoulder block. Young followed with a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Rapid-fire pin exchange, then Roode nailed a spinebuster for a two count.

At 10:00, Young came back with a piledriver, but Roode kicked out just before three. Young sold disbelief that Roode kicked out of his finisher. This gave Roode an opening to come back with a Roodebomb for a close two count of his own. Champ and Challenger had a standing right hand exchange, which Roode got the best of early on until Young decked Roode with a right. Young then came off the top with an elbow drop for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Young received the TNA Title belt and stared down at Roode, who recovered in the corner. Young extended his hand for a shake, but Roode stared him down in disbelief. Roode then offered his hand and Young pulled him to his feet. Young stood tall in the middle of the ring and Roode remained in the corner.

Winner: Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young

Bully Ray was show backstage and said he is heading to Nashville and Impact goes off air

Josh’s Grade for Impact Wrestling: 8/10

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